2-Year-Old Boy Takes To The Stage, Sings The National Anthem And Silence The Crowd

As an adult, I don’t think that we sometimes have as much courage as little kids do. Just out of their naivety and innocence, many children have it in them to stand up to their fears or tackle something head out, as opposed to us adults who put logic and thought behind everything, before going through with it.

We are often caught up in thoughts like “what will people think?” Or, “am I going to make a fool out of myself if I go up there and dance to my favorite song?” Children teach us to let go of our inhibitions, own our passions, and do whatever it is that we want to do without the fear of failure and judgment. They will go do something because their heart is happy and they want to. Some may say that children don’t know better, I believe that they are much wiser than many adults.

With that being said, this “something” could really just be as simple as a dance performance or singing a song in front of a large crowd, and oftentimes, people do chicken out—it’s human nature! But that doesn’t go for this little 2-year-old shown in the video below.

For everyone who knows NFL player, and the Bengals long snapper, Clark Harris, his son Trent Harris sang the national anthem at the Southern Regional High School varsity boys basketball game, and it was quite a cute performance to watch.

Although Trent was a little reluctant to begin, with a little encouragement from dad, he soon takes the mic out of his hand and starts singing. He is soon seen as a confident little boy, proud to be singing the national anthem before the team starts the game.

Yes, there are times when you really can’t understand what Trent is saying (he’s really only 2 years old), but you can’t help but smile at his cuteness and his efforts. He truly made the entire event special and something to remember for the spectators who came to watch.

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