69-Year-old man meets his 85-year-old mom for first time after she was made to “give him up”

Along the picturesque Oregon coast, where the sands of time are constantly reshaped by the relentless tides, memories and secrets are often buried deep.

One such secret, held for almost seven decades, was the tale of a young 15-year-old girl.

She was pregnant and unmarried, and it was 1953.
In an era where such events brought shame to families, hers was a story that vanished with the waves.


But as with all things, the tide has a way of returning what was once lost.
On a particularly poignant day in Newport, 85-year-old Betty Loresung found herself on the brink of an emotional reunion.

She was about to meet her oldest son, Jeffrey Taylor, for the very first time.

For Jeffrey, this meeting marked the end of a 69-year-long journey, a boomerang arc that brought him back to where he began.

Jeffrey’s knowledge of his adoption began early. At the tender age of three, he was made aware of his origins.

Yet, the face of his birth mother remained an enigma, a silhouette he yearned to bring into focus.

Betty, on the other hand, had her own memories of Jeffrey.
She recalled the brief moment she saw him through a hospital window, a fleeting glimpse before they were separated.


Life moved on for Betty.
She returned to her family, married, and had six more children.

Their lives played out like a scene from the Brady Bunch, complete with a Volkswagen bus and beach trips in the 70s.

Yet, amidst the laughter and memories, the shadow of Jeffrey’s absence loomed.

It was a secret she held close, revealing it only when history threatened to repeat itself with her daughter, Lucy.

Lucy’s own experience as a young mother brought the past rushing back.
At 15, she too had a daughter, but unlike her mother, she was able to keep her.

This revelation about Betty’s past not only shaped Lucy’s decisions but also ignited a family-wide search for Jeffrey.

While previous attempts to find him had been unsuccessful, the determination to reunite their family never waned.


Jeffrey, with vivid memories of a wonderful childhood, had always harbored dreams of meeting his birth mother.

His search spanned 15 years, often leading to frustrating dead ends.
The challenge was exacerbated by an old Oregon law that kept adoption documents sealed. However, in 2014, a change in this law provided a glimmer of hope.

With the new provisions allowing easier access to adoption records and the power of social media, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

Both families played detective.
And their efforts culminated in a heartwarming reunion in Newport.

Betty, traveling from Missouri, and Jeffrey, from California, were joined by family members from across the country.

The emotions were palpable.


The joy of the reunion, the relief of ending decades of searching, and the healing of old wounds were evident in their tearful embraces.

The sentiment was beautifully captured by a family member who expressed relief at seeing Betty’s heart finally whole.

Jeffrey’s sentiment resonated with everyone: “I made it. I’m home.”

In the end, the sands of Newport bore witness to a tale of love, loss, and reunion. A family secret, held for 69 years, was finally laid to rest.

The waves may continue to reshape the coast, but for Betty, Jeffrey, and their family, the tides had brought them together, and nothing could ever pull them apart again.

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