81-year-old Martha Stewart’s new, intimate picture is causing a stir on social media. And looking closer at what she’s wearing beneath her robe, you can understand why some people call it scandalous. I cannot believe this is Martha Stewart now. 😓

She signed with Ford Models as a teen and appeared in publications, television programs, and advertisements. She described herself as “the all American gal.”

She later went to Barnard College and worked as a stockbroker at a company where all the employees were men.

“I lasted in that business for about eight years, working in a firm of all men. Only one woman owned a seat on the New York Stock Exchange at that time. I’m not intimidated by men; I never was,”

Martha Stewart remarked. “But men actually welcomed me to their offices. We wore hot pants to work. I still have my pale, peachy-pink ones and my chocolate-brown ones. I wore them with either high heels, bare legs, or tights. Elegant but also crazy. Like, how can you go to work in short-shorts? But I didn’t think twice about it. I was totally respected.”

After several years of working as a stockbroker, Martha eventually decided that she should spend more time with her family, which included her sole child, daughter Alexis, and her now-ex-husband Andrew Steward.

Martha had the idea to create an in-home catering company while Alexis was a student in Westport, Connecticut. She started Martha Stewart Inc. ten years later, and it soon became a multimillion dollar enterprise.

She and her husband split in 1990, and she struggled to come to terms with the fact that she and Andrew were no longer together.

“Getting divorced was a terrible thing for me because we were the first to divorce in my family,” she mentions. “And that we haven’t spoken since the divorce is even more painful.”

For Stewart, everything started to go south in December 2001. She made the decision to sell 4,000 shares in Samuel Waksal’s biomedical company ImClone Systems. She made her choice just one day before ImClone-related information became public and caused stock prices to crash. Rumors of insider trading spread when she made the timely choice to sell equities.

She resigned as the CEO of her company in 2003 as a result of the rumors in order to concentrate on clearing herself of the charges and restoring the reputation of her company.

In 2004, she received a sentence of five months in jail and five months on house arrest. She was only given an editorial position at her company after her imprisonment. Later, after being given permission to leave her house, she resumed her television career and took on greater responsibility at her company, rising to the position of chairman once more in 2012.

In addition to being active on screen, Stewart frequently posts images of herself on social media, some of which, particularly the most recent ones, her supporters claim are inappropriate for someone her age.

Stewart was fairly open about her social media activity when asked by the presenter of The Drew Barrymore Show how she earned the confidence to only take pictures while wearing an apron. Stewart responded, “I practiced the day before to see if I looked OK…and I looked good, so.”

Stewart talked about her health earlier this year, “I do take very, very good care of myself. I have my regular checkups; they’re on the calendar at least six months in advance, I eat extremely well. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do eat a lot of good fish and very little meat. I eat fantastic vegetables that I grow myself, and delicious eggs right out of my chicken coop. I live on a farm, which I think is one of the healthiest lifestyles there is because when I get up in the morning, I can go outside and breathe fresh air.”

Stewart added, “I can plant some flowers or pick some vegetables and make a green juice that is utterly delicious, which really helps with the maintenance of good skin, good hair and strong bones.”

Martha Stewart looks amazing and defies aging at eighty one.

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