98-year-old mom moves into nursing home to care for her sick son, who is 80

A Mother’s Love Knows No Age Limit
We’ve all heard the term “mama’s boy.”

Some might see it as a young adult who never left home, still relying on their mom for everything.

But for Tom Keating and his mother, Ada, it’s a bond that’s lasted a lifetime.


At 98 years old, Ada moved into a retirement home.

Not for herself but to be with her 80-year-old son, Tom.

It’s a story showing that a mother’s love has no boundaries.

Tom’s Decision to Move
Tom Keating has always been proud of his close relationship with his mother.

He’s grateful for everything she’s done for him throughout his life.

As he grew older, Tom realized he needed some extra support.

So, he decided to move into Moss View, a nursing home.


But this wasn’t just any ordinary move.

Ada’s Unwavering Support
Having been a nurse, Ada would often visit Tom at Moss View.

She’d spend time with him, care for him, and ensure he was alright.

But visiting hours weren’t enough for the two of them.

They missed each other terribly.

Tom, who had never married, had spent most of his life with his mother.

Their routine was simple yet heartwarming.

Ada would help Tom start his day and kiss him goodnight.

And if she wasn’t around?

Tom would patiently wait, looking for her, eager for her return.

A Unique Living Arrangement
The staff at Moss View were taken aback.


It’s not every day you see a mother and son living together in a nursing home.

They’d never seen anything like it before.

Both Ada and Tom received excellent care at the facility.

But what made their stay special was the care they provided for each other.

Their family couldn’t be happier with the arrangement, seeing their positive impact on each other’s lives.

“You Never Stop Being a Mother”
Ada’s words, “You never stop being a mother,” resonate deeply.

Tom feels the same way. He cherishes every moment with his mother and is grateful for everything she does for him.

The bond they share is unlike any other.

It’s a bond that’s stood the test of time, proving that the connection between a mother and son can be the strongest of all.

A Bond Worth Sharing
Stories like Ada and Tom’s are rare gems.

They remind us of the depth of a mother’s love and the lengths she’ll go to for her child, no matter how old they are.

It’s a tale that deserves to be shared, celebrated, and remembered.

The Community’s Reaction
The heartwarming tale of Ada and Tom didn’t just touch their family; it resonated with the entire community around Moss View.

Neighbors, friends, and strangers were moved by their story

Local newspapers and TV stations wanted to cover their unique bond, showcasing the power of familial love.

Many were inspired to reconnect with their families, realizing that age is just a number for relationships.

Ada and Tom unknowingly became ambassadors of love, teaching everyone that it’s never too late to prioritize family and cherish the moments spent together.

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