A 74-year-old model defies ageism – has a fitting response to critics

Heidemann–who’s Influenced by the “iconic beauty and gracious aura” of timeless beauties like Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor–said she “rails against” ageism every day.

“A difficult truth is that women age so differently than do men, that with menopause comes the ‘Age of Irrelevance!’” she said in an interview with DSCENE. “Well, I prefer it to be felt and seen as an’ Age of Enlightenment,’ whereupon we realize just how much that is wonderful we yet have to learn, to feel, to think, to experience, and oh, yes, to laugh about. So let us not despair but continue to keep going, keep doing, keep moving, keep being alive!”

The former flight attendant turned model and actor–she’s appeared in the film Father of Flies (2021) and the 2020 TV series Last Looks with Dakota Fanning–admits that she hasn’t always been confident. She said, “I have not always been nor have I had the strength to be as positive as I wish and as I choose to be today. Time and experience and a sincere desire for change are such enormously precious gifts.”

Serving as an inspiration to multiple generations, the Vogue Portugal cover model, has almost 500,000 followers on Instagram, and her TikTok page has 4.1 million likes.

The media sensation captures the attention of the cyber community with her modest personality that’s coupled with daring styles–including miniskirts, ripped jeans and thigh-high heels–along with fashion and beauty tips, a reminder that beauty has no age limit.

When asked to describe her style, Heidemann replied, “I do not possess one definitive style as I tend to wear at this stage of my life clothing I never would have chosen when younger. I therefore do not stereotype any image of myself but prefer a more diverse selection process… I know it when I see it and usually realize immediately how best my body might wear it.”

In early June, the senior beauty posted a TikTok video, with Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” playing in the background. The viral post, that has 1.4 million likes, shows her makeup being applied, bright blue lining her eyes and her lips painted red. The post is captioned: “I just never know the face the makeup will reveal. And I adore the opportunity of challenging new personalities. Thank you ‘Proud Mary.’”

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