A peek inside Denzel Washington’s long-lasting 40-year marriage and the secret to making it work

Couples revealing their relationships, falling in love, and even breaking up will surely make headlines.

Unfortunately, keeping their relationships private is hard because they are public figures.

Therefore, when we see long-lasting relationships, we can’t help but gush over them.


This year, Denzel Washington and his wife, actress Pauletta will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.
Many have asked, what’s their secret?

It was Denzel who first saw Pauletta at work, then at a play where she also happened to be there, Denzel saw her again. It was like a movie scene because Pauletta arrived late, snuck inside, and sat down.

As it was dark, she didn’t know the people around her. Then at the intermission, when all the lights came on, she saw Denzel sitting beside her.

They formally met on the set of the TV show Wilma.

Denzel admired the actress’ beauty and charm, and as you’ve guessed it, asked her out on their first date.

In a funny interview with Jimmy Kimmel last 2017, Denzel recalled their first date.

“I paid, but watch what she says,” the Hollywood star said.

Later, he admitted that he wanted to splurge on that date, and they took a cab on her way home. As he saw the meter going up, Denzel became nervous.

“How far does she lives? Yeah, she paid,” he finally admitted.

In another interview with Access Hollywood last 2013, the couple recalled when Denzel proposed to Pauletta.

Denzel recalled he proposed once, but Pauletta corrected him, saying she turned him down twice.

“Why was it twice? Why would I have to ask again?” Denzel was bewildered!

“Because I said no!” Pauletta replied, laughing.

The adorable couple laughed about it, but they tied the knot on June 25, 1983.

Time flies when you’re in love, and they were.

In 1995, Pauletta and Denzel celebrated and renewed their vows in South Africa.

They have four beautiful kids together, and their marriage is as strong as ever.

Fans worldwide began asking, what’s the secret behind all those beautiful years?

In an interview with People, Denzel jokingly said, “I do what I’m told. I keep my mouth shut!”

They all laughed, but after that, Denzel looked at Pauletta and said, “What pops into my head: security, food, a beautiful home.”

He gave most of the credit to Pauletta, who made their house a home.
According to the actor, you can buy a house, but that doesn’t make it a home. His wife, Pauletta, made their house a home full of love, and she raised their kids.

Indeed, their love story is something to admire. Their marriage didn’t just revolve around love.

They shared respect, fidelity, commitment, and open communication.

Marriage is a continuous work between two people in love, and as long as you’re a team, working together, respecting and loving each other, then your marriage could last.

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