A school bus packed of kids stops for a little while to make grandma’s day.

Small things can occasionally make a person’s day better. One grandmother has that moment every day in the late afternoon when the school bus approaches from the opposite direction.

The everyday event was captured on camera by retired teacher Sandy Reichart, who posted it to Instagram with the caption, “Up at my mom’s again today. This occurs each time the elementary school bus passes by her house. This brightens my mother’s day.

If you look closely, you can see that some of the children are even opening their windows to say hello. And as they pass her yard in the car, the grandmother makes sure she is there to welcome them.

It’s difficult to resist starting to smile when you witness all the happiness in a few little seconds. Everybody joins in the fun, including the bus driver, who honks their horn as they pass.

This brief exchange teaches us something. Even simply taking a moment out of your day to say hello can make a big difference in the life of another person.

We can learn something from these kids and this woman. Kindness reproduces itself. Those kids make their grandmother’s day better and their own by taking a few seconds to wave to her.

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