After being separated from his family, a baby elephant finally reunites with them, and his reaction is the best

A baby elephant who had been separated from his family shouts with joy when he sees them again after chasing a rescue team.

The calf was returned to its family by a state forest rescue team in Tamil Nadu after being lost in Mudumalai National Park in southern India.

Four rangers are seen strolling in front of the newborn elephant, which is just a few months old, as it is guided to safety along a grassy path.

The elephant is seen intently following one of its helpers, who is clothed in khaki camouflage, as another team member supports the calf from behind.

In the second video posted online, the calf can be seen walking along a narrow path before getting to a wider path.

The calf came to a halt and glanced up before erupting in a joyous yell, as if it had been reunited with kin.

The baby elephant then walked up to its mother, who was thought to be happy and waiting behind the camera.

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