At school, they l aughed at her graduation dress, they found out why she wore it, everyone burst into t ears.

For those who have passed away, their memory of them is important, carefully, and lovingly preserved by loved ones.

It does not allow a person to disappear into Eternity without a trace and preserves the mental health of those who are left with an unhealed wound of loss. In the state of Indiana, USA, there lived a happy family, where brother and sister Antonio and Antonette were the weather.

They were very friendly and went to school together. Antonio always jokingly told his sister that he would definitely take her by the hand to the prom, where she would be the most beautiful. The boy had a lot of friends in the yard and was engaged in the football section.

When Antonio was only 16 years old, a te**rrible tra*gedy happened – his friend Mika shot him. He spent some time under investigation, but after confessing to dan*gerous possession of weapons and acc**idental mur**der, he was released under a special regime of home supervision.

Antonio’s family was in shock. Their son and brother were sh0t in the forehead, and the court considered it an acc*idental mu*rder. It was when Mika could go online and communicate with people again, while the murdered boy could not be returned. 2 years have passed

The pa*in of loss did not subside. The graduation party was approaching, which Antonio had so dreamed of going to with his sister. “And what prevents me from fulfilling his dream?” Antonette thought. Crying, they discussed an amazing plan with their mother and began to make it a reality.

A variety of photos of the deceased loved one were selected. They showed him smiling or sad, he was in ordinary clothes or sports uniform, with a variety of hairstyles. Each image had its own story. The girl came with photos of the famous fashion designer, Mariah Jackson, and explained what she wanted to order.

The designer was impressed. Some time ago, she herself lost a friend who was shot. And this story was so similar to hers, only the dead boy was very young! Mariah assured that the dress would be wonderful and worthy of the deceased Antonio. She has created a real design masterpiece! Faint but clear photographs of the boy were placed all over the complex piece of clothing.

The dress was decorated with airy chiffon and delicate purple lace, which Jackson ordered from foreign masters of weaving. The transparent sleeves are trimmed with purple jewelry and Swarovski crystals. Mother and sister were crying right in the designer’s studio, looking at an expensive face looking at them in different images.

The woman admitted that the dress turned out better than she and her daughter expected. In a luxurious purple dress with the most delicate trim, Antonette looked royal. But the amazing mood she created was completely different – it was only necessary to close her eyes a little, as she clearly felt like her beloved brother was next to her.

“Antonio, I have fulfilled your dream after all,” the girl thought, holding back tears with difficulty. The graduates received her in the evening with restraint and even laughed at her, marveling at the unexpected “design” of the dress.

But when one of the girls decided to ask why Antonette chose such an outfit, everyone was amazed. The girls cried with her. The guys fell silent thoughtfully. In the end, Antonette stated, “Antonio was going to have fun with us.

So let’s celebrate!”. Another event that lifted the girl’s mood was the arrest of her brother’s killer. He violated the supervisory regime and was taken into custody. Later, Antonette said that she was really happy at the graduation party. “Only I had to take two tickets, not one

As planned, we were together with my brother,” she told the media, who decided to write about her act. Appreciate your loved ones while they are near you. But if something terrible has happened, don’t shut yourself in. Remember that the memory of them is the most important thing that can be given to deceased relatives.

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