Basinger is now 69 and here is how she looks after getting so many surgeries..

On December 8, American star, model, and musician Kim Basinger turned 69.

The Hollywood diva appears to have made the decision to alter her appearance in order to stay up with her famous coworkers.

In her quest for eternal youth, Kim has lost her earlier beauty and charisma. There was a lot of uproar caused by the world’s beauty’s new appearance.

Basinger is difficult to identify in the recent pictures.

She was one of the most beautiful ladies in the 1990s; I don’t want to think that’s Kim; She damaged herself with plastic; Where is Kim? What did plastic surgeons do to the beauty;

Women, why do you harm yourself like this?”She was stunning without any cosmetic enhancements.

“What did she do to her face?” and “Why would she do that,” were among the confused remarks left by the model’s admirers. What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

Would you take a chance on a makeover?

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