Comedian Sonali Chandra Shares Her Struggles Being A 36-Year-Old Virgin

There are many things in life that don’t require haste, like responding to that random guy from high school who messaged us on Facebook three weeks ago or finishing the book we planned to read over the summer.

One thing that certainly doesn’t come with a deadline is the decision to lose our virginity. But one comedian has openly shared her experiences of remaining a virgin at the age of 36.

Not only that, Sonali Chandra has kissed only five men in her entire life.
Like many others, this US-born stand-up comedian was raised in a conservative household where sex was considered a sacred act within marriage.

However, it has now reached a point where even her family is encouraging her to take the plunge.

But Chandra is determined to only get intimate with a man who commits to a long-term relationship, and as you might expect, this has presented its own challenges.

The business manager shared her story with Truly TV: “The first time I ever told a guy that I’m still a virgin was when I was 26.”

!The guy who was my first kiss, my first actual relationship, he was shocked. His jaw dropped and he asked if I was gonna be a virgin for eternity.”

On her 27th birthday, she came to the realization that her boyfriend had, in fact, ghosted her after their conversation – a pattern that, regrettably, started to recur.

Chandra mentioned: “Whenever these guys have ghosted me I have gone through emotional hell. It’s heart-wrenching and makes me think that guys only think I’m good for sex.”

“I consider sex sacred and special. In fact, I don’t even like the word ‘sex’, I prefer ‘making love’. I’ll be ready when I have a ring from ‘the one’,” she added.

In a prior interview, the comedian mentioned that she has been in three serious relationships and has dated a total of nine men.

However, her “strict upbringing” significantly influenced her dating life because she “was not allowed to socialize and dating was a big no-no.”

“Dating is a life skill, and I was forbidden from developing that skill in my teenage and college years,” she explained.

Chandra utilizes dating apps and has even made appearances on TV dating shows. However, she remains steadfast in her decision to decline an arranged marriage.

She remarked: “I don’t want my parents deciding who I have sex with, ew, we don’t talk about that stuff.”

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