Couple adopts 19-year-old cow that was deemed ‘useless’

Helen was born blind and has lived on the dairy farm most of her life.

The farm where she originally was from had used her for her milk and to have more calves.


She gave birth to 14 calves and stayed on the farm for 15 years.

After that, she stopped producing milk and was deemed “useless” or not profitable.

The dairy farmer didn’t want to let go of Helen.

He spent so much time with her compared to the other cows and didn’t have the heart to leave her behind or give her away.

So, he did the most selfless thing – he sold his operations and told the new owner to keep Helen so he could keep an eye on her and still take care of her.

Unfortunately, the new farm owner wasn’t keen on Helen’s welfare.


Four years after he sold his operations, Helen was still living on the farm, but the new owners couldn’t give her as much attention and care as she needed as a senior and blind cow.

He started reaching out to sanctuaries that could take better care of her.

That’s when Uncle Neil’s Home came into the picture.

It’s an animal sanctuary that helps rescue animals, including farm animals.

When they heard about Helen, they knew they had to step right in. Founders Rian Feldman and Scooter Belasco worked on giving Helen a haven.

The first few days weren’t easy for Rian, Scooter, and Helen.

Everything was new to her, and it was difficult to erase her experience from all 19 years of her life.


She was scared and confused, but Rian and Scooter were patient with her and worked towards gaining her trust. On the first day, it took her 45 minutes to get inside her shed.

Rian and Scooter customized Helen’s enclosure to accommodate her lack of sight.

They placed a wind chime outside her shed so she would know where to go when she needed to rest.

They also installed a solar-powered fountain on her water trough so she could hear the sprinkling water and know where to go when thirsty.

They nailed a brush by the frame of her shed so she could brush her hair, and she loved it so much!

The best thing about their therapy was using Helen’s senses.


Rian and Scooter took her for a walk every day and talked to her gently so she knew she was in a safe space.

They brush, hug, massage, and kiss her to tell her she will be okay.

Their days with Helen are filled with love, and that’s the best thing she taught them.

She showed them that if they give that much love and care to animals that need help, they will receive that same amount of love or even in multiple folds.

Helen may be 19, but being in the sanctuary has given her a new lease on life.

Helen lives her life to the fullest.

As she enters her golden years, she’s been given a chance to make the most out of her freedom and to finally feel what love is.

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