Couple who tied the knot 80 years ago shares their sweet recipe for a long marriage

In the quaint town of Fayette, Ohio, Roger and Beverly Kunkle’s bond is unbreakable.

Their laughter and playful banter are a show of their love – which has lasted for many, many years.


Eight decades of marriage, and their connection remains as strong as ever.

Just recently, the couple had the most beautiful celebration.
It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and memories as dozens of family members and friends gathered to honor Roger and Beverly’s 80-year-long journey together.

In an interview with WTOL 11, Roger shared:

“I look at other people when they die and their mates go on for a while, and we’ve just been together all this time.”

Their love story began in Fulton County.
As high school sweethearts, they walked the halls of Fayette High School, graduating in May 1943.


Just a few months later, they embarked on their lifelong journey together as a married couple.

Even their children are proud and amazed at their parents’ long-lasting relationship.
Their eldest daughter, Jane Moore, expressed her gratitude, saying,

“I’m just very blessed – we all are – to still have both of our parents, let alone have them celebrate this 80th with all of our friends and family.”

Today, both Roger and Beverly are 98, their lives filled with rich experiences.
Roger spent his years working the land as a farmer, while Beverly nurtured their growing family.

Their legacy? Four children, 10 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, and a whopping nine great-great-grandchildren.


Their incredible milestone deserved a fun party.
The celebration, held at a park in Wauseon, was attended by many from their large family.

So, what’s life like for the Kunkles?

Even after all these years, Beverly continues to whip up breakfast for Roger every morning.

They enjoy a delicious meal of eggs and toast, which Beverly makes while sitting on a stool.

As we know, sometimes it’s the little moments in a day with a partner that are the most special!

But cooking isn’t where their teamwork ends.
Even after 80 years, they share household chores.

Beverly told WTOL 11,

“I run the washing machine and he helps hang the clothes up, and he does some of the dishes.”

She playfully added,

“That’s what he did to the cups. He ran them in the dishwasher and melted the plastic.”


So, what’s the magic formula for an enduring marriage?
Beverly’s answer is simple yet profound, “You have ups and downs and you stick it out.”

And having a supportive family is the cherry on top.

Celebrating 80 years of marriage is quite an amazing life accomplishment.
Interestingly, the longest marriage recorded is 86 years and 290 days, according to Guinness World Records.

So, the Kunkles aren’t too far behind!

Wishing them many more beautiful anniversaries while they celebrate their milestone.

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