Creepy! There’s a weird detail in this photo that’s freaking people out

Family pictures are commonplace: many moms and dads want to have official portraits of their families, so they get together, hire a professional photographer, and pose for the camera!

While this normally a very happy time, what with all the smiles often seen, one family picture is sending internet users over the edge with one creepy detail.


Do you see it? It’s quite easy to miss, so we don’t blame you. Here’s a hint: check out the left side of the photo…

If you’ve found it, good for you! How weird is that?

For those of you who haven’t found it, check out the smaller child’s arm… Whose hand is resting on it?

Many people have come up with theories about the phantom arm, according to RelayHero.

The first is that the hand belongs to a ghost. Whether you believe in the spiritual world or not, it definitely seems to inspire some kind of belief in the supernatural.


The second a little more grounded in reality. Some people believe that it’s actually the mom’s arm, and that the middle, older child was actually added into the photo with some nifty computer program


Take another look and decide for yourself…

This is definitely creepy and weird either way. We wonder who this family is, and if they can provide some answers. Whose arm is that?

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