Do you remember these? Many finds mysterious tools in his grandparents’ home

After his grandparents passed away, a young man was going through their belongings and found something that he thought would be of interest to a friend.

Until they did some research online, the two had no idea what these metal objects were.

The metal implements in question are nutcrackers. This nutcracker, which dates back to the ’40s or ’50s, was designed to remove the nut from its shell.

They are useful for cracking open any nut, but are most commonly used for eating chestnuts.

This type of nutcracker was typically included in a larger set of seafood tools that also included implements for cracking the shells of shellfish and picks for removing the meat.

You could also find a chestnut-shaped wooden bowl to go with your nutcracker.
Many of us have fond memories of helping our parents or grandparents with housework that involved using tools like these.

Have you ever used anything like these nutcrackers or picks? Share your most cherished recollections of them here.

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