Dubbed “the most beautiful twins in the world:” this is what the Clements sisters look like today

Their physical appearance, the blue eyes and blonde hair, distinguished them as one of the most beautiful babies in the world. And now, after eleven years, they are still on the top of the list of most adorable children.

Their mom, Jaqi Clements, became aware of how gorgeous her babies actually are when she couldn’t get them out without people paying them a bunch of compliments and calling them the most beautiful children they’ve ever seen.

‘“For as long as I can remember strangers would approach me when we were out asking first if they were twins. Their follow up would always be…’Wow they are so beautiful, you should really think about getting them into modeling,’” she said

clementstwins via Instagram

Once the girls turned 6 months old, their mother signed them for a modeling agency but regretted her decision because she felt they were way too young to be exposed to that type of life. She decided to wait until the right time comes.

As the time passed by, the girls became even more beautiful and their mother felt like it was just the right time for her to revisit the modeling idea. When they turned seven, Jaqi saw it as a sign to help them pursue a career.
‘“Aside from the fact that I’m a huge believer in signs and have been told by almost everyone that 7 is a lucky number, I just had a feeling that this year was going to be a fun and exciting year for them,” she said.

clementstwins via Instagram

Everything started when the mom started an Instagram account for her twins called @clementstwins. She knew people adored her children but she didn’t really expect that many people to become their followers on social media. At the moment more than 1.8 million people follow the twins.

Once these beauties got the attention of many modeling agencies, the mom got offers from many of them, and currently the girls are working for two different agencies and children’s clothing brands and magazines.
They are also part of a swimming club and a dance studio. They say how they simply love what they do, although their life is quite different than that of their peers.

It seems the beauty runs in this family, and besides the two sisters, their handsome brother is a model himself. He sometimes appears on the Instagram photos along with his sisters. The parents are pretty good looking themselves so we are not surprised how the children are so attractive. They certainly got it from their parents.

A few years back, Leah and Ava used their popularity to help their father Kevin with his battle against leukaemia and lymphoma. They made it their mission to find a matching bone marrow donor for him and were stunned by the number of people who signed to get tested. Eventually, Kevin found a match in his brother and received the so much needed transplant surgery.

Even today, these beauties use their Instagram account to raise awareness of this type of cancer.

“It’s an easy process to be a bone marrow donor, and I think a lot of people have this misconception that it is hard and painful, but it’s really not,” Kevin said.

“Having them have a chance to do that and to help me out, but also to help so many other people out, it’s amazing.”

At the same time, Leah and Eva are working together with a nail polish company for which they design and sell their nail polish line. They use a great portion of the money they make for their cousin Shane who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) at 10-months-old.

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