Former ‘General Hospital’ Star, Denise Alexander, Pays Tribute to Late Castmate Jacklyn ZemanFormer ‘General Hospital’ Star, Denise Alexander, Pays Tribute to Late Castmate Jacklyn ZemanFormer ‘General Hospital’ Star, Denise Alexander, Pays Tribute to Late Castmate Jacklyn Zeman

Denise Alexander is paying tribute to her General Hospital castmate, Jacklyn Zeman, who passed away on May 9 after a short battle with cancer. Zeman’s death comes just three days after her 70th birthday and less than two weeks since her last appearance on General Hospital – an episode that aired April 27.

“Dear girl, I keep hearing your voice and your laugh, and I can’t stop crying. I have so treasured your sweetness, your sense of humor, your talent, and, always, your dear kindness. And the best hugs. I love you forever. Denise,” Alexander wrote in a short letter originally published by Soap Hub on May 15.

Jacklyn Zeman has been a beloved member of the ‘General Hospital’ and ABC family since she originated the iconic role of Bobbie Spencer over 45 years ago. She leaves behind a lasting legacy for her Emmy-nominated portrayal of the bad girl turned heroine and will always be…

Denise Alexander joined the cast of General Hospital in 1973 as Dr. Lesley Webber. It wasn’t until 1977 that Jacklyn Zeman joined the cast as Nurse Bobbie Spencer. From that point forward, Denise and Jacklyn formed a close relationship both on- and off-camera – up until Jacklyn’s sudden death on May 9.

Alexander wasn’t the only former castmate to pay tribute to Zeman. Anthony Geary, who played Luke Spencer in the show, shared an exclusive statement with TVLine on May 11 – just a few days after the star’s death. Geary’s character was the big brother of Zeman’s character for more than four decades.

“I never heard her utter one disparaging word about any actor, crew member, or co-worker. In fact, I never heard Jackie express an unkind word about anyone, ever. In a highly competitive profession where ego, feelings, and emotions are bread and butter, I’ve found this quality to be extremely rare,” Geary wrote.

Her death was originally announced by Frank Valentini, an executive producer of the soap opera. He described the late actress as ‘a bright light and true professional that brought so much positive energy with her to work’ – adding that, while she’ll be greatly missed, her positive spirit will never be forgotten.

Jacklyn Zeman Receives Tributes From the Rest of Her ‘General Hospital’ Family
The tributes for Jacklyn Zeman were coming in bunches as news of the late actor’s death went viral. Her TV family from General Hospital spoke highly of the 70-year-old and collectively remembered her for her kind and positive attitude – even on her bad days. Her legacy will be remembered for the rest of time.

“I’m so grateful to have shared so many years with this beautiful woman. Jackie told the best stories, had an incredible spirit and lived such an amazing life. She loved working on [General Hospital],” Laura Wright wrote on Instagram – she played Carly Spencer, who was Zeman’s daughter in the soap opera.

Tamara Braun, who portrayed Carly before being replaced by Wright, also spoke highly of Zeman. “I don’t have the words. This shocks and hurts too much for words. I want to hug you. Laugh with you. Share stories. Talk real talk because that’s what we did,” Braun wrote in her own tribute on Instagram.

Let’s not forget about Sarah Joy Brown, the first actress to portray Zeman’s daughter in General Hospital. “Beautiful queen, inside and out. I know everyone who loved her is devastated. My love to her girls, fam, work fam and fans,” she wrote in a tribute on Twitter – crediting Zeman with guiding her to success.

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