Grieving widow pulls into drive-thru not expecting stranger’s act of kindness that affects her life

In the heart of Chesterfield County, Virginia, a tale of unwavering kindness unfolds, revealing the profound impact of simple gestures on the lives of those we encounter.

Calvin Godette, a utility worker, might spend his days fixing leaky water mains, but his true calling seems to be above ground, where he tirelessly pours out acts of generosity.


Calvin’s benevolence knows no bounds.
From purchasing coffee for the unsuspecting driver behind him to covering the grocery bill for a stranger, he selflessly gives away nearly half of his earnings.

Yet, his rewards are intangible, often limited to a mere “thank you.”

But for Calvin, the possibility of transforming someone’s day keeps him going.

Calvin’s acts of kindness might be small, but they can make a huge difference.
One fateful day, while waiting in a Burger King drive-through, Calvin’s observant nature led him to a woman in his rearview mirror.

Her countenance, heavy with sorrow, prompted him to do what he does best: he bought her meal.


Little did he know, this seemingly small act would resonate deeply, leaving an indelible mark on the recipient’s heart.

The woman, Andy Denise Walters, was grappling with the immense pain of losing her husband of over four decades.
In her darkest hour, when joy seemed elusive, Calvin’s gesture became a sign of hope.

She told CBS News:

“Somebody to do something that nice for you, on that very moment when I thought nothing could make me happy again, it just touched my heart.”

Overwhelmed by the timeliness of his act, Denise felt compelled to acknowledge Calvin’s kindness.


Not one to let such a deed go unnoticed, Denise followed Calvin, and then shared the heartwarming story with his employer.
The tale resonated with many, leading to Calvin’s recognition before the County Board of Supervisors.

In her heartfelt testimony, Denise expressed,

“He saw that I was upset and showed compassion to a complete stranger.”

The story doesn’t end with a mere acknowledgment.
The bond forged in that drive-through has since blossomed.

Calvin and Denise, once strangers, now share a unique connection.

As Calvin said, “You may have lost your husband, but you gained a family.”


Calvin became a role model to Denise, and she decided to follow in his footsteps.
Inspired by his unwavering commitment to spreading joy, she has embarked on a similar journey of performing acts of kindness for strangers.

With newfound purpose, Denise is determined to emulate Calvin’s generosity, proving that kindness is indeed contagious.

It goes to show how the ripple effect of one act can be monumental.
As Calvin explained to CBS News:

“You don’t never know. You could do something for somebody, or talk to someone, and you could change their whole situation.”

And change he did, not just for Denise, but for all who hear their story.

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