He sets up a fake radar, improvised with a refrigerator, and everyone falls for it

Spotlight on the brilliant gesture of a clever person who gave a good scare to motorists, while also entertaining the online community.

The times are so anxiety-inducing that we would be wrong not to indulge in ridicule.

Some people know this and do not hesitate to brighten our days with a witty remark or a hilarious prank.

The residents of Jullouville (Manche), as well as all the road users who passed through the town, know all about it.

A local resident installed a fake radar, improvised with… an American fridge, along a busy street.

He installs a refrigerator disguised as a radar along a road and fools the motorists.

No, this is not a joke, and there is no doubt that many motorists fell for it by abruptly slowing down, which is not without risks.

Was that the intended goal of the prankster behind this joke? The story doesn’t say! Nevertheless, this refrigerator disguised as a radar sparked a lot of discussion among internet users who still felt the need to alert road users by revealing the deception.

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