Husband Tells Pregnant Wife ‘You Know My Mom Comes before You’ & Goes to His Mother Instead of Helping Her

A woman who was six months pregnant begged her husband to be more present so that they could ensure the safety of their unborn child.

The next thing her husband said astonished her.

After her spouse was absent for most of her pregnancy, a Reddit user wanted to know if she was being unfair in giving him an ultimatum. She soon understood how bad her condition was.

The couple had been dating for five years before getting married, the woman said.

She had already been pregnant for six months when she decided to ask the Reddit community for help.

The woman revealed that her husband and his mother maintained an extremely tight bond, saying, “My husband is a complete mommas boy. He’ll call his mother for hours and talk to her and spend time with her more than he does with me.”

However, the incident that prompted her post on Reddit was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

What Caused the Argument Between the Wife and Husband?

In the sixth month of her pregnancy, the woman urged her husband to spend more time with her so that they could get ready for the arrival of their soon-to-be-born child.

Her husband told her that being around more for her would eat into the time he had to spend with his mother.

The wife acknowledged her husband’s understanding of the notion but insisted that she required his care more than his mother did.

“You know my mom comes before you.”

After her husband left for his mother’s, the woman processed what he had said and decided to go on. After that, she handled everything on her own.

Her mother-in-law called her while she was home alone with the baby to tell her she had won. The fact that the wife could hear her husband giggling in the background as her mother-in-law boasted about her victory made the situation worse.

Despite her anger, she carried on with her day.

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