Husband who passed away 11 years ago still gets his wife flowers every birthday and Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day brings back that romantic side of everyone. This much-awaited day, especially by couples, is oftentimes celebrated by having a romantic candlelight dinner or by preparing presents such as a bar of expensive chocolate or a bouquet of fragrant fresh flowers.

These may sound cheesy to some, but it’s just a few of the many other ways of making your significant other feel that they are loved.

Endless love


Tracey Cox couldn’t be happier when she tied the know with her husband, Rich Cox. There’s nothing she could ask for in their 26 years of being happily married. Tracey describes her husband as an emotional, loving, and caring man.

To her, Rich was the type of husband who would give her flowers for no particular reason at all besides putting a smile on her face and making her genuinely happy.

Sadly, in 2012, Rich succumbed to throat cancer – he was 53. Tracey is now in her mid-60s and lives in their home in Georgetown, Kentucky.

But before laying on eternal rest, Rich made sure that his wife would still feel his loving presence even if he’s already gone.

Years since his passing, Tracey had been receiving flower arrangements from her ever-loving and thoughtful husband for her birthday and Valentine’s Day which happened to be just a day apart.

Not even death could keep them apart


It was 2013, the following year after Rich passed away when Tracey first received the flowers from Rich. She was in utter shock when she learned about what her husband had arranged for her for the last time.

“It was really emotional,” Tracey told CNN. “It was sad, but also happy at the same time because I just knew he’d always be with me.”

Along with the flowers were notes that pretty much tell how Rich feels toward his wife, that’s despite him not writing the notes personally.“Happy Birthday and Valentine’s Day. Love Rich.”

We could only imagine how Rich adored his wife when he was still living. Every year since 2013, Tracey keeps on receiving flower arrangements and different messages from her husband which makes her feel loved and valued despite Rich’s absence.“Tracey, even though you can’t see me, I am always here. I love you. Love Rich,” the note from 2018 said.

Receiving messages from her late husband didn’t bother her the slightest.


“Every time I get them, it really brings back a lot of emotions and joyful tears,” Tracey said. “It really brings back all the memories we were able to make together.”

A plan long ago

Rich and Tracey’s daughter, Bethany, told CNN that her dad told them (Bethany and her three siblings) about his secret plans.

“We don’t know exactly how it’s done, but we do know that they won’t stop any time soon,” Bethany said.She also said that she wasn’t surprised upon knowing her father’s plan because he was really thoughtful.


“He’s literally the role model of a man that every woman wants to find,” Bethany added. “A true love story.”On the other hand, if only she could also send her husband a message, Tracey would tell Rich that she’s forever grateful for everything he did when he was still alive and even after that.

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