‘I wanna cry this month’: Teacher says she only has $25 of her $2,500 monthly paycheck left after expenses

It’s true many educators don’t get into the profession for the money. But one teacher is near tears after realizing she has just $25 of her $2,500 monthly paycheck left after living expenses.

In a viral TikTok video that has gained more than 1 million views, user Redacted (fouronacouch) gave viewers a breakdown of how she uses her pay check as a teacher to cover all of her expenses.

Ultimately, she only has $25 remaining at the end of every month.

“Me looking at my teacher paycheck this month,” text overlaid on the video read. “+$2,500.”

Then text subtracting expenses from her pay appeared on the screen. According to the itemized costs, the TikToker spends $1,300 on rent, another $875 on rent at her old place, and $300 to repay a loan. In the end, the teacher is left with a measly $25.

In the comments, many were horrified to discover the low pay the woman receives for doing such an important job.

“I still don’t understand how this payment is okay for the people that educate our children,” another added.

“I was making $800 a month working at a high school,” user @abbyherring_2 said. “It’s insane how underpaid school staff is. But admin can make bank doing nothing.”

According to the Economic Policy Institute, teachers are paid far worse than other college-educated workers and the disparity has only gotten worse in the past decade. Prior to the pandemic, many were already sounding alarms about underpayment in one of the most crucial industries.

And the situation isn’t showing improvement. Last year, one teacher with a master’s degree vented about the issue. Another explained she delivers pizzas to make ends meet. And, earlier this month, a former teacher explained why no amount of money could entice her to return.

The Daily Dot reached out to user fouronacouch via TikTok for comment.

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