I was in this company for 10 years. One day, my son became very sick, and I texted my boss.

As the officer handcuffed me, confusion swirled in my mind like a thick fog. My heart pounded against my chest, and I struggled to comprehend what was happening. My boss stood before me, a twisted smirk playing on his lips.

“You don’t have a kid, and now I will take…” he trailed off ominously, relishing the moment.

The office fell into a stunned silence, the air heavy with tension. Colleagues exchanged bewildered glances, unable to make sense of the unfolding scene. I searched desperately for any sign of reason in my boss’s eyes, but all I found was a chilling determination.

As the officer led me away, my mind raced, trying to piece together the puzzle of betrayal and deceit. How could my boss have known about my son? And more importantly, what did he mean by “take”?

Hours later, I found myself in a dimly lit interrogation room, the harsh glare of the overhead lights casting stark shadows across the walls. My boss sat across from me, his gaze cold and calculating.

“You see, my dear employee,” he began, his voice dripping with malice, “I’ve had my suspicions about you for quite some time. Your sudden request for time off only confirmed my doubts.”

I listened in disbelief as he spun a tale of espionage and corporate espionage, accusing me of leaking sensitive information to rival companies. Each word felt like a dagger to my already shattered trust.

“But I have no ties to any rival companies!” I protested, my voice echoing in the sterile room.

My boss merely chuckled darkly, a sound that sent shivers down my spine. “Oh, but you do now. You see, while you were away attending to your ‘sick child,’ I uncovered evidence of your treachery. And now, thanks to your little lie, you’ll be facing the consequences.”

My world spun out of control as the reality of my situation sank in. Betrayed by the very company I had dedicated a decade of my life to, I realized that my fight for justice had only just begun. But as I gazed into the eyes of my smug boss, I vowed to clear my name and expose the true villain lurking in the shadows of the corporate world.

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