“It’s Absurd”: Kayleigh McEnany Addresses CNN Trump Audio Leak

Recently, a recording of former President Donald Trump discussing highly sensitive information was obtained by CNN. Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany fired back at the audio leak, slamming the federal government for allowing it.

The audio in discussion is a recording where President Trump can be heard handling documents and discussing a Department of Defense plan regarding Iran. Given the nature of such a topic, this does not belong in the hands of woke CNN. Kayleigh Mcenany slammed the leak while appearing on a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity.

“Yeah, you know, Sean, it’s absurd, but that is a key point. I sit here and I see these things, these details of the case in a court of law by a special counsel come in, and they’re aired on CNN. We get a transcript of the tape. We get an audio recording of the tape. How does that happen? How was that not violative of the process? And at the time when — I saw today an NBC poll, in the 30 percentile is the approval rating of the DoJ and FBI, we need confidence in our government, in our institutions, and this doesn’t instill much when this is getting leaked to the likes of CNN,” McEnany said.

Hannity also claimed that justice is not being applied equally to liberal politicians regarding cases of classified documents. President Trump was raided earlier last year and more recently indicted over the classified documents case against him.

“I’m sorry, whataboutism is called equal justice and equal application of our laws. And considering they didn’t raid any of the four locations Joe Biden had top-secret classified documents and they certainly let Hillary off the hook and our enemies had access to a lot of that information and she deleted another 33,000 subpoenaed emails and she got away with that, too, and she got away with the dirty dossier that ended up being used for FISA application, none of which were true,” he said.

Hannity stated the institutions within our federal government have become corrupt and weaponized, “I’m standing by my original monologue that said we have a corrupt government and we have a weaponized DoJ and a weaponized FBI and the American people, I think, are seeing it more and more. It’s becoming more transparent every day.”

The American Tribune reported last month on the Trump indictment case. On Tuesday, June 13th former President Trump was charged with 37 felonies related to the case against him. However, Donald Trump didn’t back down from the charges pleading not guilty to all of them. The former president slammed the case against him in a fiery statement.

Trump claimed the charges alleging they are “political persecution like something straight out of a fascist or communist nation,” further claiming they are “the most heinous abuse of power in the history of our country.” He also stated Biden would go down as the most corrupt president in our nation’s history because of the “political persecution” he has inflicted on Trump.

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