Jackie Chan reveals he’s never heard of a Kardashian after he’s asked who his favorite is

Just when you thought it was impossible to like Jackie Chan anymore, the iconic actor and martial artist is sending the internet into a frenzy with his response to the question, “Who is your favorite Kardashian?”

The 69-year-old star was being interviewed by Access Hollywood when the question was posed to him and his answer could not have been any more perfect.

Now, Chan didn’t throw any shade in the direction of Kris, Kim and co. but he also didn’t actually know who they even were in the first place.

This may just make the Rush Hour icon the only human being on planet Earth who doesn’t have at least some comprehension of the Kardashians existence. Which is perhaps all the more shocking when you consider how heavily entrenched he has been in Hollywood and show business in general for his entire career.

The interview itself actually took place in 2017 when Chan was promoting his new film at the time, The Foreigner. However, six years ago, the Kardashians were still, for better or worse, very much pop culture phenomenons and had been for a number of years.

So when the hosts posed the question to Chan, “We’re going to have you name your favorite Kardashian. Who do you like?” they probably were not ready for his answer.

“Kardashian?,” the Hong Kong-born star asked, “What do you mean Kardashian?… I don’t know. Is that English?”

But as the hosts attempted to move on from the question, social media users were less inclined to let it rest.

In fact, six years since the interview initially took place, new life has been breathed into it again via the Reddit thread r/MadeMeSmile.

“Just another reason to treasure this man,” came one response, while another reply said “Best response ever.”

Another Redditor joked, “Wish I could have this mindset where I don’t know a single Kardashian.” And, while this isn’t an opinion on the all encompassing family one way or another, it does feel like it would be pretty blissful to live so peacefully that you are completely unaware of the Kardashians because, if you have been able to avoid a brand as dominant as that for so long, it’s probably a safe bet there’s a lot more you’ve managed to avoid, including pretty much all of social media, which must be absolutely wonderful.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians would come to an end three years after Chan’s interview, finishing up on E! after 20 seasons. However, Disney+ soon picked up where Keeping Up… left off and launched their own version of the series, simply entitled The Kardashians, which has so far spawned 30 episodes across three seasons.

Chan, meanwhile, whose career has spanned a remarkable seven decades and over 150 movies, has most recently lent his voice to the Splinter character in Seth Rogen’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem and will also do voice over work on the upcoming Kung-Fu Panda 4, due for release next year alongside the fourth installment of the legendary Rush Hour series, which he stars in alongside Chris Tucker.

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