Keanu Reeves shocks everyone by making rare comment about girlfriend Alexandra Grant

For a long time, Keanu Reeves had been single. The actor has suffered a major losses in his personal life in the past. His daughter with his girlfriend Jennifer Smye was stillborn at 8 months old. Soon after, Jennifer Smye was involved in an accident and passed away as well. Even though the couple had been broken up by then, it still made a heavy impact on the actor.

The actor has largely remained single since the death of Jennifer. He has shared in interviews that he feels lonely and hopes for a relationship.

And now, it has finally happened for the actor. He is in a loving relationship with artist Alexandra Grant. The couple is very private about their relationship and only made their relationship public in 2021 when they attended the LACMA Art + Film gala together.

Now Keanu does not shy away from speaking about his love Alexandra Grant.

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In an effort to promote his latest film John Wick: Chapter 4 the actor has been appearing in the press to give interviews. In his latest “One Last Thing” interview with People magazine, he was asked their standard questions about things such as the last time he danced or when was the last time he watched the sunrise.

One answer however stood out because of how sweet it was. The actor was asked about the last time he experienced bliss. He answered sweetly and truthfully about what he felt.

“A couple of days ago with my honey,” said the actor referring to his girlfriend Grant. “We were in bed. We were connected. We were smiling and laughing and giggling. Feeling great,” he shared.

“It was just really nice to be together,” Reeves added.

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While the actor is very private about his life and has still not revealed the full story of his romance with Alexandra Grant, it is suspected that they began dating in 2022 after collaborating on his book Ode to Happiness together.

Then in 2016, they posed at the event for UNAIDS Gala during Art Basel 2016 in Basel, Switzerland. The same year the two of them collaborated on Reeve’s book Shadows. In the following year in 2017, the couple established their own publishing company.

In March 2020, Grant opened up to Vogue UK to explain why and how Ode to Happiness came about. She revealed it was a picture book for adults that featured her drawings and text from Reeves. It was initially meant to be a personal gift ut the duo decided to go ahead and publish it together.

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“The book was made as a surprise, by me, for Keanu, as a private gift,” Grant revealed. “All our friends sitting in the room got the giggles when I gave it to him — they said, ‘Please publish it!’ So that’s how we got into publishing.”

When Grant was questioned about marriage, she deflected very well. She said simply, “Love at every level is deeply important to my identity. How’s that for dodging the question? I do not believe that isolation is the way. There is a period of isolation that I do as a painter, but I deeply value the experience of being in relationships.”

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