King Charles’ new plan for reuniting with Prince Archie – he can’t wait to meet his grandson

Prince Harry last met his father at the King’s coronation in May. It was a fleeting visit, with the Duke leaving directly after the ceremony at Westminster Abbey to fly back to the States and celebrate his son Archie’s birthday. Before the coronation, of course, the talk of the town was whether Harry would even meet with his family members.

It’s not been confirmed whether or not Harry and Charles met in private during the prince’s 24-hour visit to London. Charles – and others including Prince William and Kate Middleton – were said to have been outraged by what Harry wrote in Spare. Charles was said to be particularly peeved concerning Harry’s words regarding Camilla after he labeled her a “wicked stepmother” and claimed she leaked stories to the press years ago.

Though the relationship between Harry and Charles hit rock bottom after Spare’s release, the Duke and his wife, Meghan Markle, were still invited to the royal coronation. Meghan ultimately missed the big event, opting instead to remain in the US with the couple’s two children. The former actress reportedly hasn’t met the royals since Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last year.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Archie

Toby Melville – Pool/Getty Images

Interestingly, that might change as a significant event is approaching.

On November 14, King Charles will celebrate his 75th birthday. Despite the tension with his son daughter-in-law, royal expert and author Angela Levin believes King Charles will invite them to participate in the celebrations.

According to the Daily Mail, Charles’s birthday celebration will likely be low-key. The last year has seen several major royal events, including Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and the aforementioned May 6 coronation.

Not only have the events taken up plenty of time in their planning, but they’ve also cost British taxpayers millions of pounds. As a result, public finances have been stretched, and so King Charles wants a “minimal” and “family-oriented” celebration for his birthday, without any fuss. He is said to have vetoed a major public celebration and would rather mark the occasion with his dearest family members.

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