Little boy rushes out to driveway for dance battle with sanitation worker too cute to ignore

There are some people who not only work hard – but also go above and beyond to spread joy to others while doing so.

Just like a group of sanitation workers in Georgetown, South Carolina.
They’re really good at bringing extra cheer to the area’s neighborhoods and the kids who live there.


This friendly group of sanitation workers honk and wave as they go about their work each day.
They have even been known to check in and ask how people are doing. They are some of the friendliest people around!

It’s no wonder that the neighborhood kids can’t wait for the next time they come driving down the street.

Waiting around for the garbage truck to arrive
In fact, that is exactly what four-year-old Finn was doing one day. He was standing out in the driveway, waiting for them to come by and collect the recycling.

It was right then that the boy decided that he wanted to dance. So, he told his mom that was what he was going to do, and then he danced.

Timed perfectly, the workers came by right at that moment. One of them, a man named Marcus Doiley, decided that he couldn’t just leave Finn dancing alone.

To the delight of the dancing four-year-old, Marcus decided to join in too.


Let the battle begin!
Finn kept bouncing back and forth on his feet and clapping as he watched Marcus bust out his own energetic moves as well.

Marcus really got into it. That sanitation worker knows how to dance!

His energy was contagious and just filled Finn with so much joy that it kept the dance-off going.

Finn’s mom managed to catch the end of the dance-off on video, and we’re so glad that she had the opportunity to.

We’re not alone in our love of what the video captured. Numerous amounts of people have already liked (or loved) it online, and we guarantee that you will be the next person to add to that growing number.

Even the comments are great. The entire community, both locally and on the internet, came together to share their thoughts and positive experiences.

Another person from the area also mentioned how fantastic the sanitation workers there are. Beth Fulner Shoemaker said:

“My granddaughter loves the waste management guys. She waves at the window to them. She is only 1 1/2”

And another parent shared their experience with sanitation workers and their child. They even included a picture with their post!

Jaime LaPerle wrote:

“My son dressed in his garbage man Halloween costume, waving to workers in the truck.”

That is one of the most adorable outfits we have seen! It even matches the color of the truck!

Another internet user wrote:

“These sanitation workers are so awesome! (like all sanitation workers!) Please stay safe and keep being awesome! Love this story :)”

After the video went viral, the kind-hearted workers returned to pay Finn a visit.
His mom shared on Facebook:

“Sweet boy was soooo surprised that Mr. Marcus came by not only with goodies but with all his department friends too! He pulled the shy card and hid but once the crowd calmed back down to his favorite guy then he was back to his normal busy boy self.”

“Thankful for these guys, always taking time to chat with the kids and make it fun. It’s truly so special and it makes Finns day everytime.”

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