“Love Story Celebrated”: Connie Chung and Maury Povich Shine at the 50th Daytime Emmy Awards

The couple went to the 50th Daytime Emmy Awards together. Povich, who is 84, received a Lifetime Achievement Award. Chung, 77, presented the award. The event took place at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

Povich wore a classic black tuxedo, while Chung chose a hot pink blazer and black pants. She added dangly earrings and a white clutch to complete her look.

Before getting his Lifetime Achievement award, Povich, known for the Maury show, which ended in September 2022, went on stage to honor Gold and Silver Circle Inductees. These individuals have made significant contributions to the television industry for 50 or 25 years, demonstrating excellence in achievement, mentoring, leadership, and professional accomplishments.

Povich and Chung got married in 1984 and have a son, Matthew, who is 28 years old.

In 2020, the couple shared their love story. Chung reminisced about her early days working at a TV station in Washington, D.C., where she first encountered Povich. They started dating six years later and eventually got married in front of 65 close friends and family.

The couple emphasized the importance of playful banter and open communication in their relationship. They supported each other through career challenges, infertility struggles, and the adoption of their son Matthew in 1995.

Povich mentioned that they don’t carry arguments into the next day, and they respect each other’s careers and space. Chung jokingly admitted to holding grudges, but overall, they cherish every moment together.

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