Man spends 3 years building whimsical tiny home by hand, all out of recycled materials

As part of a trend toward sustainable living, tiny homes have gained popularity in different parts of the world.

Many people have been exploring this way of life where families live in a van or bus converted into an efficient and stylish home.


On the YouTube channel Tiny House Giant Journey, many tiny homes were featured from various cities.

Cassimiro Mattioada is the owner and builder of this beautifully functional tiny home.
Cass dedicated three years to building his dream home, and he only spent $40K because he used recycled materials.

Cass works in the family business called the Enumclaw Recyclers & The Use Again Store.

Their mission is to significantly reduce the number of recyclables that go into landfills daily.

Cass lives this mission by reusing many items in his tiny house.


Many people who commented on this video said that this tiny home is a work of art because everything was thoughtfully designed and artistically executed.

Enough from the introduction, though.

Let’s take the tour!
The living room houses an entertainment nook with an adjustable television. There is also a sofa that has storage underneath.

In the kitchen, we will find efficient appliances that suit a tiny home perfectly. We can also see how spacious their kitchen is with an old yet artistic sink and faucet.

Cass decided to separate the shower and toilet room, which is very strategic and functional for a tiny home.

Then there’s the bedroom.
The bedroom consists of a queen size bed with storage underneath. It also has a glass door that you can enter through.

The main door is one of the most noticeable features of this house.

Does this look familiar? Yes, the round door design can be seen in the films Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.


Cass said that he built this door, putting a lot of steel to work on the interior and using stained fir and birch plywood for the exterior.

The door also has a cute key!
Cass highlighted in the interview the three entries of his home.

First, the front door. It directs you to the living room. That also has a glass window on the other side.

The next entry point is on the left side of the home, where we can see the tree trunks as posts.
Cass usually enters through this door because this is where he cleans ups from work.

The other way in is through the bedroom. Cass decided to put a glass door in here so that winds can come in.

Numerous gems can be found in the home, including excellent design, the functionality of the space, and all the rare goods that harmoniously complement one another.

Cass’ story and his personality can also be seen in this tiny house.

His girlfriend Emma said:

“The house is a huge reflection of him and how he sees the world.”

As of today, Cass and Emma live together in this beautiful tiny home with many stories and missions.

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