Mariska Hargitay cried on the first date but now she’s been happily married for 18 years

Law and Order has run for well over a decade.

Lots of people grew up with it and have fond memories of watching it when they were younger.

Even Taylor Swift loves the show.

So would you be surprised to learn that two of its cast members eventually became a real couple?

Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann began dating in 2002 while filming Law and Order together.

The show had been going on for three years at that point. Hargitay played detective Olivia Benson, a fan-favorite character who you might recall Taylor Swift naming her cat after.

They met during the show’s 3rd season. That was when their feelings for each other started to blossom.

Herman played an attorney named Trevor Langan during his time on the show.

That was the moment Hargitay realized he was the one.

Blame it on the mood, the occasion, or everything else.

Whatever it was, she ended up thinking to herself: “This is the man I’m gonna marry,” and started tearing up – something Hermann noticed.

“I just started sobbing. Peter thought I was crying because I was so moved by the service. No, it was because I was just overwhelmed, realizing he was the one.” she said

It wasn’t long before they were married.

Of course, Hargitay was tremendously happy at this.

The date was August 28th, 2004 when they were wed.

Hargitay was around 40 when they wed and Hermann recalled how precious the moment felt.

To think that their meeting on the show would lead to this.

The Law and Order pair soon welcomed a son into their family, who they named August Miklos Friedrich.
They wanted kids, and not just the ones they conceived on their own.

Hargitay and Hermann adopted two children after having August.

They named them Amaya Josephine and Andrew.

Hargitay and Hermann’s family is the most precious thing to them.

As any parent knows, it took a lot of work and effort.

A love like theirs won’t work unless you make it.
Having 3 kids, adopted or not, also takes maximum commitment from you.

There are a few photos that show just how happy their family is. This family Halloween costume is one of them.

Another time when they were all smiles as this little trip to Disneyland.

Going to Disneyland is every kid’s dream trip, so I’d imagine their kids were over the moon for this trip!

In another Instagram post, Hargitay shared how they’ve been together for 18 years and how much it means to her.
We always love to see people unapologetically in love with each other, and this is no exception.

Even if you might have never seen Law and Order, seeing a celebrity couple this happy and sweet is worth a smile or two.

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