McDonald’s is flipping its arches upside down to make a powerful statement

To pay tribute to every woman out there and to remind them that they are all special in their unique way, one of the greatest fast-food chain restaurants in the world, McDonald’s, flipped their famous arches upside down.

This happened back in 2018, when the company decided to flip Mickey’s arches on March 8th, International Womens Day, the “global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.“

Some of the people who noticed the change, and couldn’t believe their eyes thinking they found themselves into a parallel world, believed it had to do with the then company’s ongoing feud with Wendy’s. But they were so wrong. Instead, the logo had been flipped in “celebration of women everywhere,” a representative had said.

McDonald’s decided to flip the sign at their Lynwood, CA store, but did the same with the logos on their social media. At the same time, employees donned the “W“-esque logo on their shirts and hats and the restaurants served special packaging featuring the logo at 100 stores across the nation.

“For the first time in our brand history, we flipped our iconic arches for International Women’s Day in honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurants.” McDonald’s Chief Diversity Officer Wendy Lewis said.

Lauren Altmin, company’s spokesperson, said that the logo change was in celebration of women everywhere. “We have a long history of supporting women in the workplace, giving them the opportunity to grow and succeed.”

She added: “In the U.S. we take pride in our diversity and we are proud to share that today, six out of 10 restaurant managers are women. The logo will be changed on all of the company’s social media channels and 100 restaurants will have special “packaging, crew shirts and hats and bag stuffers.”

Rodolfo figueroa / Twitter

McDonald’s isn’t the first company to pay tribute to women and raise awareness of the importance of gender equality.
In the past, Johnnie Walker acknowledged women by releasing a ‘Jane Walker’ bottle and donating $1 per bottle towards charities whose goal is enhancing the position of women.

“Important conversations about gender continue to be at the forefront of culture. And we strongly believe there is no better time than now to introduce our Jane Walker icon and contribute to pioneering organizations that share our mission,” said Stephanie Jacoby, vice president of Johnnie Walker. “We are proud to toast the many achievements of women and everyone on the journey towards progress in gender equality.”

Brawny was among the companies who supported the initiative by replacing the Brawny Man with women and donating $100,000 to Girls, Inc.

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