McDonald’s Worker Leaves Fast Food Fans Fuming After Explaining How The Drive-Thru Works

Young or old, everybody craves for a Big Mac every now and then. Just imagine the joy of treating yourself with one of these delicious burgers after a night out.

However, as much as we enjoy the luxury of pulling up to the restaurant’s drive-thru, we may question whether we would do that again after a McDonald’s employee revealed some secrets which gave many the creeps.

Taking to TikTok, where she shares some tricks of the trade, user @secretfitzz revealed that the restaurant takes secret screenshots, and people are totally unaware of it. What’s most, the user added that the employees listen to customers’ conversations.

“The fact people don’t know we can hear your convos even when we aren’t speaking to you taking your order,” the TikTok video reveals.

“And we have a camera at the speaker that takes a picture of you so we know whose order is whose.”

The user added that the highlight of her day at work is “seeing the mugshots of random people.”

Needless to say, this revelation left many angry and fuming.

Of course, we cannot be sure whether this is true or not, but just the thought of it makes us feel uncomfortable.

Some users couldn’t help but comment on the video, with one person writing, “If this is true, I’m never going again,” while another joked: “How can you hear my convo when you can’t hear me screaming into the mic from 5cm away?”

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