Michael Berryman became an actor despite his rare congenital disability – now he’s an inspiration for millions

Michael Berryman has been working in Hollywood for decades, though his path to the big screen was far from easy. Michael was born with a rare congenital disability known as hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, making his life quite challenging.

A testament to his inspiring attitude, nothing would stop Berryman from pursuing his dreams. Today, one can safely say that he has succeeded.

Being comfortable in your skin is vitally important. Whether that means being bigger, skinnier, taller, shorter, bald, covered in hair, or anything related to one’s appearance, self-confidence is key.

Sure, we all have things we’re perhaps not one-hundred percent happy with, but in the end, feeling comfortable and accepted for who you are is crucial in life. The trick is to accept yourself, not chase acceptance from others, though that’s obviously easier said than done.

While some deal with their perceived flaws by changing hairstyles, going to the gym, or even having surgery, others feel that change at a more fundamental level is needed.

Now, we want to reiterate that you should always do whatever makes you happy and comfortable. That said, we’d advise seeing a legitimate specialist if you’re ever considering surgery – no matter what it’s for. Your body is on the line, so do your research well.

As stated, certain individuals alter their bodies or appearance because they are uncomfortable, while others accept who they are without caring what people think.

Michael Berryman, the actor who grew up with a rare congenital disability known as hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, is in the latter category. As a result of his condition, he had no fingernails, hair, or teeth, and his head had a unique shape. Most people would likely have been afraid of pursuing their dreams in such circumstances, but Berryman isn’t most people. Instead, the actor went on to become very successful and has, throughout his entire life, served as a massive inspiration for people worldwide.

So how did Berryman become a phenomenal actor in the first place? Let’s look at his inspirational story, and remember, if you like what you read, to share the article with your friends and family.

Michael Berryman was born in Santa Monica, California, on September 4, 1948. His life was to be full of challenges from the off. Or at least that’s what many predicted.

Berryman was born with hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. He doesn’t have hair, fingernails, or sweat glands. Growing up in sunny California, it was difficult for him to even be in the sun.

His father was a US navy surgeon back in the day, and during World War II, he was sent to Nagasaki and Hiroshima after the US had dropped their atomic bombs. Michael’s father was there to monitor the effects of the radiation – shortly after returning home, his wife fell pregnant with Michael.

“I was the second born and I had a whole bunch of birth defects which is, obviously, from the radiation damage to my father from being at ground zero for an atom and hydrogen bomb,” Berryman told Lacomba Express.

He added: “I learned a lot about reality, humanity and medical situations growing up as a child. I dealt with bullying and learned what makes someone a decent person and what makes someone a tool.”

But Michael Berryman wouldn’t let anything stand in his way of living exactly how he wanted. His first passion in life was not acting at all; it wasn’t even a career he dreamed about.

Berryman moved out from his parent’s house and went on to study at the university.

At UC San Obispo, Berryman took veterinary science for two years. However, the program was eventually discontinued due to funding issues. Instead, he took a minor in art history and continued studying theoretical physics. After some years, he returned to Santa Monica but didn’t quite know what he wanted to do.

“It has just been a blessing”
He said: “It feels great, especially because of the friendships that we made. We had a cult following come about, and it just reflects on Wes’s brilliance in writing, directing, and how he put the film together. It’s just very well executed, and it holds its own,” he explained. “A lot of the more recent horror films go in and out with the fascination with splatter, special effects, etc., but Hills was just so well put together. It has just been a blessing to have met Wes and worked with him on numerous occasions.”

Berryman landed plenty of jobs after his success in The Hills Have Eyes. He appeared in several science fiction and fantasy films, such as My Science Project and Evil Spirit. In 1984, he reprised his role of Pluto in The Hills Have Eyes Part II.

Moreover, Berryman gained attention through his performances on television shows such as The X-Files and Star Trek: The Next Generation. He has even appeared in two of Motley Crue’s music videos. Today, Michael has more than 100 credits to his name.

On the side, he is a passionate organic gardener and chef who loves Rachel Ray. However, his appearance never stopped him from following his dreams – and his inspirational story hopefully can reach others facing difficulties or discrimination.

“Don’t take yourself too seriously and make sure that you laugh at least once a day, “Michael Berryman said.

“I want you to be lazy because it takes 27 muscles in your face to frown, and it only takes three to smile.”

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