Michael J. Fox makes heart-wrenching new statement after 30-year battle with Parkinson’s

Michael J. Fox, a Parkinson’s disease warrior for three decades, shared a poignant update on his health. Despite the challenges, Fox, a prominent advocate, remains resolute in his fight against the condition.

In a recent interview, he acknowledged the increasing difficulty of living with Parkinson’s, stating, “It’s getting tougher.” Fox also revealed a recent spinal surgery due to a benign tumor affecting his mobility, resulting in several fractures. He clarified, “You don’t die from Parkinson’s. You die with Parkinson’s.” He firmly declared, “I’m not gonna be 80.”

Fox’s battle with Parkinson’s takes center stage in his upcoming documentary, “Still,” where he describes the intense pain and tremors he endures. Despite the hardships, Fox remains optimistic, affirming that he’s not “going anywhere.”

Michael J. Fox’s unwavering determination in the face of adversity continues to inspire. Share your thoughts and well-wishes for him in the comments.

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