Mom Is Furious After School Decides To Ban Packed Lunches

A growing controversy has engulfed Bean Primary School in Kent, where a policy banning packed lunches for children in Year 1 and Reception has led to protests by concerned parents. The school’s decision is rooted in the need to ensure a minimum number of cooked meals from their meal provider, but parents argue that this infringes upon their children’s right to choose between packed lunches and hot dinners. This article delves into the details of the situation, the parents’ concerns, and the school’s response.

Fay Armitage, a mother with a four-year-old lactose-intolerant daughter named Bonnie in Reception, has been at the forefront of the protest against the school’s new policy. Bonnie often returns home from school with tummy aches due to her inability to control her dairy intake. Fay initially wanted to send Bonnie to school with a packed lunch, allowing her to monitor her diet more closely. However, this option has been taken away from parents, as all children in Reception and Year 1 are now required to partake in school dinners.

Fay Armitage was told to fill out a special dietary request form for Bonnie, but she believes this is insufficient. In some instances, she even drives to the school gates to let Bonnie eat her packed lunch in the car. According to Fay, her intent was never to prohibit Bonnie from consuming certain foods but rather to have a general idea of what she ate during the day to adjust her evening meals accordingly.

The headteacher of Bean Primary School, Mr. Graham Reilly, insists that the school’s cooked lunches are of excellent quality and include alternatives for children with special dietary requirements. Nevertheless, many parents, including Fay Armitage, believe that the policy is not only infringing upon their children’s dietary freedom but also their right to choose what they eat.

Parents argue that the policy contradicts Unicef children’s rights, which the school has signed up to. According to Article 12 of the Unicef Rights Respecting School, every child has the right to express their views and have their views considered and taken seriously. However, the school seems to be ignoring this right by forcing Reception and Year 1 children to have school dinners for financial reasons.

Furthermore, this mandatory policy only applies to children in Reception and Year 1 currently, but under the Government’s universal infant free school meals (UIFSM) policy, it will gradually extend to all academic year groups. Parents believe this policy could potentially lead to children being hungry unnecessarily.

Parents, including Fay Armitage, have suggested alternative solutions to the problem. Fay proposed that the school offer a simple sandwich option for lunch, but this suggestion was dismissed. Other parents have echoed the sentiment that forcing children to eat meals they do not want can negatively affect their learning experience and overall happiness.

Bean Primary School contends that the policy was implemented a year ago to ensure a certain number of cooked meals from the meal provider. They argue that the meals are of excellent quality and have received positive feedback from parents and pupils. The school explains the policy to parents during meetings for reception-age children, and they offer lactose-free alternatives for affected children. It is stated that it is not feasible to prepare a written report on every pupil’s daily meals.

As the controversy continues, parents are determined to protect their children’s rights and freedom of choice when it comes to meals. They hope that their voices will be heard, and a more inclusive solution can be found. The fate of the packed lunch ban at Bean Primary School remains uncertain, but it serves as a reminder of the importance of balancing dietary concerns with individual freedoms and children’s rights in educational institutions.

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