‘Must Protect Our Community’: Famed Civil Rights Activist Defends Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean has been under fire since the release of his music video for “Try That In a Small Town” on July 14th. The left has taken every opportunity to pearl-clutch and accuse Aldean of being a racist due to the perceived nature of the song and the choice of where the music video was filmed.

The video was filmed locally at the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee. This coincidentally is the location of an infamous lynching in 1927 of a black man that was accused of raping a white teenage girl. Liberals have seized on this coincidence to deflect the message and content of the video, which leans heavily into the BLM riots of 2020.

What leftists fail to realize is Columbia is a popular location for filming movies and music videos due to its proximity to Nashville. In fact, numerous music videos and movies have been filmed featuring shots of the courthouse, including the Hannah Montana movie and the Lifetime network movie “Steppin Into the Holidays.”

Naturally, actual facts are inconvenient to the left, so the faux outrage continues, with cancellation attempts, calls for the removal of the video by cowardly CMT, and cries for mainstream radio to ban the song from the airwaves.

The song and music video simply uses actual video footage from the “mostly peaceful’ 2020 BLM riots and reiterates that if you want to act a fool, don’t try it in a small town. A very simple message and premise, but one that sent the left into a tizzy.

While Aldean has stood firm with his assertion that there are no racial overtones in the video, powerful allies have also stepped forward to support the superstar. Country heavyweights like Travis Tritt, John Rich, Lee Greenwood, Luke Bryan, and others have stepped up in support of Aldean, while leftists like Sheryl Crow and the twits on “The View” have called for Aldean’s cancellation.

Now, another vitally important voice for common sense has spoken out in support of the song and its message. Civil rights legend Bob Woodson recently had some choice words about the controversy. He said: “I do not find Jason Aldean’s song, ‘Try That in a Small Town,’ offensive, nor do I find it racist. What he’s really talking about is protecting traditional values. Some years ago, the Woodson Center also had a full day’s conference where we organized around the country grassroots leaders and the theme was, ‘Not Here You Don’t,’ where we talked about the need to protect our community from drug dealers and thugs.”

Woodson’s message reiterates what Aldean asserts; the message is in defense of small-town and neighborhood values and the need to have our neighbor’s backs and watch out for each other in the face of evil. Hardly a controversial take. Yet the left, in their zeal to inflame and divide, continue to push the false narrative of racism.

Woodson continued: “I don’t see any difference in what Jason is talking about and what we at the Woodson Center talked about, that we must protect our community.”

Bob Woodson knows a thing or two about racism. His work during the civil rights movement was vitally important. The fact that he is speaking out in defense of Jason Aldean and the message of the song should put a stop to the vitriol from the left.

Sadly, he will probably be dismissed as the black face of white supremacy or some other inane insult as the left continues its assault on conservative values and common sense.

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