Neighborhood rallies together to save injured owl then rescuers realizes he’s ‘famous’

People have different outlooks about owls.

Some find them mysterious and even creepy. Some, on the other hand, are undoubtedly charmed by their beauty.

There are many traits that owls possess that make them loveable.

They have big and attention-grabbing eyes.

Their wings, feathers, ears, and even their beaks are fascinating.


The director of Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter knows this too well.

She is Laura Burban, and according to her, she had always wanted to see the beauty of owls up close.

As she has always been ready to help and rescue animals, she didn’t hesitate to help when there was an owl spotted in the middle of the street.

Sadly, the creature was not in good shape at that time.

As the owl refused to leave the middle of the road, the residents of Branford, Connecticut, knew that he needed help.

They were all concerned about him, so they made sure to do something about it.

They helped him by calling the aforementioned animal shelter.

Laura then hurried to save the owl.
When she finally saw the owl in front of her eyes, she realized it was injured.

“This poor fella may have been bumped by a car because it doesn’t appear his wing was broken, but it might have been bruised,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

It was not easy.


Considering that it was Laura’s first owl rescue, she had to think of a safe way of taking the owl away from the street.

She even needed to use a towel to attempt to cover his head without stressing him out.

Fortunately, she was able to save the owl.

Although it was challenging, Laura was able to wrap the owl with the towel.

Thereafter, she brought it to a bird rehab center which is the, A Place Called Hope.

Then, they found out that the lovely bird had a fractured wrist.


The owl, it turns out, has always been a part of the neighborhood, and many people had been waiting for updates on his condition.

This was revealed by the town’s First Selectman, Jamie Cosgrove.

“Everybody knows him. He’s sort of like a famous owl over there, like the mayor of the neighborhood,” he then said.

The good news

A few weeks later, the owl recovered.

Thanks to the people from the bird rehab center where he was brought. The bird was also able to go back home, and the entire community was so thrilled about it.

Jamie was even the one who freed the owl from its kennel.

It was surely a heartwarming moment.

Love and care can definitely heal.

While the owl received proper medical attention, the love and care that Laura and the entire neighborhood showed him was most probably the reason he managed to recover quickly.

Hopefully, the owl will have many more years to spend in his loving neighborhood.

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