“Nerdy” Student Stuns The School When He Picks Up A Guitar And Plays My Favorite Song

When other students saw Peyton Littleton in the hallways of his high school, they didn’t pay him much mind. He was a quiet kid. He wore glasses and kept to himself. But when the announcement was made that the high school would be taking over the gymnasium for a talent show, Littleton seized the moment to debut his guitar skills with the rest of his peers – and they were impressed.

Although some people at the school had heard murmurs about Littleton’s guitar playing ability, no one expected him to blow away the crowd just like a star-studded popstar. But that’s exactly what he did when he stepped out in front of hundreds of his peers and picked up his guitar. As soon as he strummed the first chord, the gymnasium grew silent, and he blew away the competition at the Central Davidson High School Talent Show.

The performance captured on video and shared with YouTube was Peyton Littleton’s debut in 2018. He decided to play a cover of a popular Ed Sheeran song that you probably already know and love. And if you just so happen to not be familiar with this particular hit song, then you’re in for a treat when you heart Littleton deliver an amazing rendition of it for his mesmerized audience at the school. This was no typical high school talent show performance. This was very good.

Before Littleton jumps into action, he has to set up his guitar and microphone. This is standard procedure for every performance, but it is a testament to how much room this performer has to grow because it won’t be long now when he has roadies doing all that setup work for him. But for now, at the Central Davidson High School Talent Show, he has to do the leg work to make it to the big leagues.

He also gives his audience a task. He asks them to sing along with him if they recognize the lyrics. Since the song is a popular one by Ed Sheeran – “Perfect” – his classmates and teachers are bound to recognize it. But that was all part of this master showman’s scheme.

As Littleton breaks into song, his classmates and peers are spellbound. They are completely focused on his singing and guitar playing. And it goes without saying that he is quite good.

The fellow students are a bit intimidated and do not sing along like Littleton requested. Instead, they take their cellphones from their pockets and start recording his performance and even using them as “lighters” to shower him in respect and recognition. It’s not every day that he gets to revel in the awe of his peers.

But that was not all. Littleton’s performance soon made its way onto the internet, where he gained thousands of other fans from across the globe. He is quite a good singer and is bound to make it someday in the music industry if he keeps doing what he is doing.

What do you think of Peyton Littleton’s performance?

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