Patriotic High Schooler Chooses Homeschooling Over Removing Flag From His Truck

The latest trend in America is disrespecting your flag and country. Spurred on by spoiled athletes, woke actors, leftist politicians, and a mainstream media that would have you believe America is a terrible place to live, many folks have embraced this narrative as fact.

Unfortunately, in terms of younger people, if there are no adults involved committed to teaching their children to look at all angles, then many kids don’t get the opportunity to see the full picture. Leftists breed leftist children, and if all you are exposed to is MSNBC and woke teachers in school, then a child is doomed to be indoctrinated into a woke ideology.

Sadly, in many places, if a young person strays from the accepted narrative, the woke mob comes for them in a full-on effort to silence their dissent. While it doesn’t always work, many young people are too unsure of themselves and hesitant to stand up for what they know is right, instead opting to remain silent and toe the company line.

For one Virginia teen, his love of country and the desire to fly the American flag outweighed his desire to attend his public high school. The result was a brave stance for what he believed in, and ultimately choosing home schooling over public school indoctrination.

Christopher Hartless, a student at Staunton River High School in Bedford County, Virginia, had proudly affixed American flags to his pickup truck. When the school ordered him to remove the flags, he refused. When the school subsequently revoked his parking pass, Hartless “peaced out” and decided he had seen enough. The brave teen opted for homeschooling rather than surrendering his love of country.

While the school cited policy, stating that the flags were a “distraction,” with the support of his family, Hartless took a stand. He said: “My family fought for America and I feel like I should be able to represent the flag that they fought for. I don’t understand how it’s distracting if they have one on the flagpole that every other student can see.”

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