Postal Worker Arrives At House To Deliver Mail – Finds Sign On Porch That Is Going Viral

Many of us look forward to the high temperatures of summer, as it means that we can spend our free time outside at the pool or the beach.

For postal workers, however, this unrelenting heat present a series of difficulties that can be very dangerous for them.

One of the most important things people who spend much of their time working outside need to focus on in the summer is staying hydrated. It is for this reason that members of a small Oklahoma village decided to do something special for their hardworking postal workers.

Mail carriers in the area were stunned when coolers full of ice cold water bottles began to appear in front of houses in the area. These coolers spread like wildfire, and before long, nearly every house in the village had coolers outside them to keep the postal workers hydrated!

Many of the coolers had signs on top of them to let the postal workers know what was inside. Some of the coolers just had bottles of cold water, while others provided other kinds of sports drinks as well, such as Gatorade and Powerade.

Postal workers were touched by this act of kindness, as it let them know how much their community cares about all they do for them. This serves as a reminder of how important small acts of kindness like this one can be for those around us!

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