Richard Gere has passed on his infectious charm and handsome looks to his first-born son, Homer

Richard and his wife Alejandra Silva welcomed a little boy into the world last February and the couple’s joy knew no bounds.

The duo has kids from their previous relationships, but the baby was the first proof of their love.

Gere has Homer Jigme, his 20 years old son, whom he co-parents with Care Lowell, his ex-wife.

The 20-year-old has left people speechless as he looks like a younger version of his father, you will also concur with us when you get to see him.

Richard met his first wife, Actress and Model Cindy Crawford at a BBQ. They started talking and started going on numerous dates.

The couple was one of the hottest and the paparazzi couldn’t let them rest.

The duo was always the spotlight of every occasion, they appeared on red carpets and front covers, amidst all their happy moments, Gere wasn’t sure if he wanted to marry Crawford.

The couple later got married in Las Vegas, 1991. It wasn’t an extravagant wedding, only a limited number of guests were invited.

The couple divorced four years later and Crawford insisted that the age difference was so much and she couldn’t keep up. Richard was her senior by 17 years.

Cindy Crawford & Richard Gere (1990s)

Seven years after Richard’ divorced marriage, he met Carey Lowell, a model, and an actress.

They welcomed their first and only child Homer Gere in February 2000.

It came as a shock to many as he was reluctant to have kids with Crawford and it seems like everything changed with Lowell.

Homer welcomed his half-brother last year, as Alejandra Silva and Richard now have a baby boy.

Before then, he has another half-sister from his mom’s previous marriage to Thomas Griffin Dunne, an actor, producer, and director.

Homer Gere was also in the spotlight as his parents were celebrities. His father and mother went separate ways in 2003.

Homer Gere / Facebook

Homer Gere got in the spotlight again as his parents were fighting over his custody. Lowell was of the claim that she gave up her career for Gere and their child, and she deserves half of his income.

Homer isn’t so okay with the whole celebrity escapades and prefers to be on the low, unlike his father. Nevertheless, the duo looks so much alike and it seems like Richard passed in his infectious charm and handsome looks to him.

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