Senior horse who’s been alone whole life sees new mare and it’s ‘love at first sight’

When we think of animal rescue, our minds often jump to adorable puppies and kittens.
But let’s not forget our equine friends who also need a loving home, especially as they age and are considered “too old to work.”

Enter Big John, a majestic workhorse who had seen better days.
Thankfully, the compassionate folks at “Colby’s Crew Rescue” in Albemarle County, Virginia, swooped in to give him a new lease on life.


At his new home, Big John found a best buddy in Cotton, a miniature donkey who shares the farm with him.

Big John’s life post-rescue is nothing short of luxurious.
“He is pampered beyond belief with 2 beers a day, vets orders, and his own massage gun,” the team shares.

Add to that sprawling fields to gallop in, unlimited hay, and a community of other animals, and you’ve got a horse living his best life. Yet, something seemed to be missing.

While Big John had plenty of horse pals around, he seemed more interested in spending time with Cotton.
The rescue team sensed his loneliness and embarked on a mission to find him a special someone to grow old with.

Despite meeting several potential mates, Big John remained indifferent—until Stardust entered the scene.


Stardust, another senior rescue horse, immediately caught the team’s attention.
They had a hunch that she would be the perfect match for Big John. And boy, were they right!

“From the first minute he saw her, Big John was enamored,” says the team.

Big John couldn’t contain his excitement and ran up to meet Stardust as soon as he saw her. The team cautiously kept them apart for a few days to ensure compatibility.

When they finally met, Big John was over the moon.

Fast forward a few months, and it’s as if Big John and Stardust have been together for a lifetime.
They share meals, a paddock, and even some adorable cuddle sessions.

One of Big John’s favorite activities is resting his head on Stardust’s back. While he still enjoys frolicking with Cotton, Stardust is the one he returns to at the end of the day.

The rescue team likens them to an old married couple and believes they were destined to be together.
“Though they may have only found each other later in life, the two are surely grateful to the people who rescued them and brought them together,” the team reflects.

Now, they can live out their golden years surrounded by love and care.

For those who are touched by this heartwarming tale, you can visit the Colby’s Crew Rescue team’s website for updates on this adorable couple and find out how to contribute to their well-being.

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