Shelter puppy flashes her best smile to passerby’s hoping someone takes her home

Most pet owners can tell you the moment they locked eyes with their pet and knew they were the one.

This is true for this one family who shared the story about their recently adopted dog on the internet.

If you have not heard their story yet, then this is the perfect time to hear it.


It all started when Beaumont Animal Care in Texas found a small pup on the main road, all alone.

They came and picked up the pup at the right time, saying that she was close to being hit by a vehicle.

When the little pup arrived at the shelter, the staff were genuinely stunned by how adorable the pooch was.

One of the staff members, Rachel Barron, was the first one who noticed the pup’s dazzling smile after she approached the dog in its kennel.

She needs a home and the shelter had a perfect way of announcing it to the world.

Barron took a short recording of the smiling dog and posted it on her Facebook with the caption:

“This little girl is so happy. But what would make her smile even bigger? A forever home.”


The post immediately collected reactions and comments but one couple instantly knew that they want the precious dog for themselves.

It is not surprising how the pooch’s smile captivated this couple’s hearts.

Nicole Toney was just browsing on Facebook when she saw this adorable pooch on her timeline.

She immediately fell in love with her and talked to her husband about getting the dog.

They woke up the next morning excited, drove to the shelter, and got to meet the smiling puppy personally.

“She was shy at first, but you could tell she was so sweet and excited,” Toney told The Dodo.

After filing the adoption papers, they were able to take the sweet pooch home with them. The Toneys introduced her to the family immediately after getting home.

They named her Layla and as soon as they got home, they decided to give her a warm welcome with the rest of the family.

Nicole already owns three rescue dogs and two cats and so to make their new addition feel comfortably welcome, they decided to introduce them one by one.

It was amazing how the sweet pooch was able to get along with them without any problems.


Although some are still a bit cautious around her, it did not take them long to become friends with Layla.

Layla is one spunky pup that wants to play all day.

She just does not seem to run out of energy as you could see Layla running around the house all day long.

Layla would grab the other dog’s toys and sometimes would grab others’ attention, asking them to play with her.

The first time they taught Layla how to climb up and down the stairs was also incredible.

Layla had not been around stairs her whole life but the moment she tried to put her paws on the stairs for the first time, she almost nailed it.

Just a few tries later, and the spunky dog could handle going up and down without tripping.

Layla has grown ever since but her beautiful smile never aged a day.

Layla’s a proper dog now and she is big enough to take the space in the car’s front seat.

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