Single mom who had to pay $1,600 in rent buys a tiny home that only costs her $75 a month

Single mom who had to pay $1,600 in rent buys a tiny home that only costs her $75 a month
Not everyone has a retirement plan.
In fact, “go with the flow” seems the norm nowadays.


With such a rocky economy and expenses piling up left and right, it can be pretty challenging to set up a retirement fund and commit to building it.

But some dedicated individuals like Michelle “MJ” Boyle refuse to waste time.

So when an opportunity to save up for an affordable place to live presented itself, MJ took it without hesitation.
As a single mother of two, things aren’t always easy for MJ. Imagine having to pull double duty while staying on top of things like running a household, paying the bills, name it.

But because single moms are incredible, MJ pulled through.

She even managed to build a charming home for herself, a place she calls “her empty nest.”
“My life has been a series of unfortunate events. I have been divorced twice. I have built two houses and I lost the houses basically in the carnage of my divorces.”

MJ didn’t have retirement money, and her kids were going off to college.
So she decided it was time to act.


Her game plan wasn’t just to build a tiny house.
She decided to do things differently because of how her previous attempts worked out.

Not only that, but she also came up with a plan to generate income.

“I built my first house, this house, basically using cash and sponsorships to make sure that I have a paid-for nice, comfortable house when I retire. Now I’m building a few more tiny houses that I look forward to renting like on Airbnb or a try it tiny or other VRBO kind of platforms and create some income so, that’s next.”

She was paying $1,600 a month for a home she was renting in Sherwood, Oregon.

Because of renting, she could never save up and lived from paycheck to paycheck.
MJ took that as her cue to make a change as her kids prepared to transition to college.

She started by cutting down on expenses and eventually joined the Tiny House Movement.
This is an architectural and social movement to encourage people to live a simpler life in a smaller space.


Tiny house living has successfully reduced the financial and emotional burdens of people from all walks of life.

It was also an excellent way for MJ to let her creative juices flow.

Finally, free from the constraints of a hectic lifestyle, MJ could add her personal touch to every nook and cranny of her home.

She’s living as herself!

“She is an embodiment of grit and resilience. Don’t need to read a book about it. She’s living it,” wrote a viewer.


She went from paying $1,600 monthly to living in a charming house with only $75 worth of monthly expenses.
She is more than happy with the change she made.

Transitioning from renting to owning a tiny home and consequently being able to save money to build even more homes is a bold move.
Fortunately, MJ took the risk, did the work, and now enjoys the benefits of joining the tiny house movement.

And in fact, most guys and girls who choose to live independently now seem to want smaller spaces.

There is a trend with people wanting to live in a space that’s just enough for them.

Gone are the days of wanting massive places (not unless you’re filthy rich), as they require so much energy and resources to run.

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