‘Sound Of Freedom’ Star Caviezel Puts The Media On Notice: “You Don’t Have The Power You Used To”

Jim Caviezel is no stranger to controversy. When he played of Nazareth in Mel Gibson’s 2004 blockbuster “The Passion of the ,” while his portrayal of the Savior was well-received critically, many thought the movie to be far too violent and controversial. Caviezel was even struck by lightning on the fifth take of the Sermon on the Mount scene. The actor needed two heart surgeries before the damage was corrected in 2014.

An open man of faith, Caviezel has never shied away from speaking his mind and professing that faith, even to the detriment of his career. Many on the left have dismissed him as a conspiracy theorist because he is a man of faith and he openly talks about issues like child trafficking and the evils of Hollywood.

Speaking of Hollywood, most mainstream studios won’t touch the “Passion” star, so his latest release, “The Sound of Freedom,” was produced by Angel Studios. The movie is a true story that stars Caviezel as Tim Ballard, a Homeland Security agent that quits his job to execute a daring rescue of a young girl held by child traffickers. The film had a shoestring budget and no wide release, but the powerful message behind the movie prompted a grassroots push, and it subsequently shocked Hollywood.

Despite efforts by the left to bad-mouth the film, claiming Caviezel’s alleged ties to Q’anon, the movie beat the new “Indiana Jones” film on July 4th and continues to surge at the box office despite being on roughly half of the screens.

This, of course, has sent the left and Hollywood into a tizzy. Never one to back down, Jim Caviezel took on the fake news media in a recent interview promoting the “Sound of Freedom.” He said: “Hunter Biden laptop — two years, you told us it’s not true. Ok, I believe you. You’re the media. You know. But then it’s true. Then for seven years, we learn that Donald Trump is a Russian spy. Then the Durham Report drops and he’s not a Russian spy.”

The media did their best to interfere in the 2020 election in order to get their candidate elected. Caviezel correctly points out that the Hunter Biden laptop was real, and the media covered it up. Had the laptop been revealed before the election, the country would most likely be vastly different than it is now.

The Democrats also spent seven years and countless millions of dollars promoting the lie that President Trump was a Russian cat’s paw. The Dems knew it was fake news, and likely much of the media did as well, yet they sold the lie as hard as they could. Now that it has been proven false, the mainstream media is largely to blame for once again promoting fake news.

Caviezel continued: “That’s 80 percent in the last seven years that you’ve told us is all false. So the public is going, no — you don’t have the power you used to.”

The mainstream media was so affected by Donald Trump that they may never recover. The hard-left turn taken by CNN, MSNBC, and almost all of the big networks will be hard, if not impossible, to course correct. Formerly right-leaning outlets like Newsmax are now closer to center than anything that is considered “mainstream” media.

Jim Caviezal, as always, tells it just the way it is. Americans no longer trust the media. They no longer have the power they used to. That’s what happens when you spend more than half a decade lying and destroying the country.

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