Strangers body-shame teen in prom pics so boyfriend comes to the rescue in sweet way

Imagine having so little going on in your life that you have to comment on someone else’s body and/or clothing choices?

Taking time out of your day to deliberately hurt someone else’s feelings who has never personally harmed you?
Unfortunately, there are emotionally wounded people like this who take out their lack of understanding of themselves out on teenagers like Madison Haulter.


Haulter was body-shamed online by internet trolls.

She rocked an incredible, figure-hugging pink sequin gown.
Her boyfriend Tre Booker wore a matching pink tie and boutonniére with his black suit. They both looked superfly. And, together, they were a picture-perfect couple.

Haulter posted her prom photos on Twitter with the caption “Prom with the loml.” LOML means “love of my life” in case you’re not aware of how the kids talk these days.

There were certain individuals who decided they wanted to use time out of their life to ruin the couple’s happy moment.


One person made a nasty comment about how Booker loves Haulter despite her plus size. Saying “mbn,” which means “must be nice.” Jealous much? Probably.

The cruel internet user wrote:

“Wow he loves you even tho you’re fat:( mbn”

And why wouldn’t Booker adore his girlfriend?

Haulter looked like a movie star that day and is incredibly beautiful (probably on the inside too) even without a gown.

Apparently, the commenter has their own body and self-love issues they decided to project onto Haulter.
At least they were astute enough to recognize the love between the couple.

But the internet was not about to let haters rain on the couple’s parade.

They made the post go viral and bombarded it with comments of kindness.


Applauding Haulter for how beautiful she looked and how adorable she and Booker looked together.

The kindness and compliments far outweighed the hate.
“I’m a big believer in not responding to hate with hate,” Haulter told TODAY. “I didn’t say anything rude to her and I kind of stopped my friends from responding as well.”

Haulter’s motto… “Do all things with love.”

But complete strangers weren’t the only ones to come to Haulter’s defense.
Booker didn’t waste his time addressing or acknowledging the haters.

He just made sure his woman knew how he felt about her.

“You’re not fat baby. God made you just for me. You’re perfect. I could look at you all day,” he wrote with a ring emoji.
Lots of people applauded him for sticking up for his girlfriend. He did what any good boyfriend or friend should do.

I mean, there were complete strangers who didn’t hesitate to have her back. There were also people that called him “soft” for doting on his girlfriend and posting so much about her.

Imagine being so insecure you can’t compliment your woman?
Anyway, Booker didn’t care. He said that he wants everyone to know how much he loves her. And their display of love isn’t just a social media farce.

Booker and Haulter are now married and are going to spend the rest of their lives together. Their relationship is some serious #relationships goals!

Let this story be a reminder to always act with kindness and love.
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