Take note of who approaches the man as he prepares to take a selfie.

We’ve made it a habit to use our cameras to record special moments. The popularity of selfies in recent years has made having someone present to record these moments for us practically necessary.

It’s interesting to note that animals also enjoy striking poses for the camera. Social media is flooded with pictures of animals, and we seem to be more drawn to them than to other people.

The hearts of countless people have, however, been won over by one specific animal. For the ideal photo opportunity, this extraordinary creature took a break from its exciting day.

Picture a man lounging on his boat in the warm sun, enjoying the gentle lapping of the waves. As he prepares to capture this priceless moment on film, he reaches for his camera. He had no idea, though, that he wouldn’t be the only person taking the selfie; someone unexpected had plans to join in.

Take note of who approaches the man as he prepares to take a selfie.

The man is greatly surprised when a playful seal appears from the vast ocean and climbs onto his boat. He hastily presses the record button to capture this amazing encounter for later with amazement and excitement.

To his astonishment, the seal snuggles up to the man’s shoulder and behaves normally around this particular human being. The man is completely perplexed by the seal’s extraordinary friendliness considering that it is notorious for its sporadic hostility despite its undeniable cuteness.

The seal continues to hang out with its new human friend on the boat, defying convention and expectations. The moment is perfectly captured when the man says, “Look at my new buddy,” to the camera.

The resulting video clip, which features the two unlikely friends posing side by side, shows off their friendship. Send your Facebook friends a link to this amazing article right away so they can read about this touching experience!

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