To my mother in heaven, thank you for loving me and helping me…

The bond between mother and child is like no other. I guess it starts before the child is even born. And unlike other bonds between people, it doesn’t start slowly and gradually get stronger over time. It starts strong and stays strong.

Even though we are many out there who have had to say goodbye to our mothers, they are always with us – the memories and feelings can never truly be erased. Everyone knows the saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got, till it’s gone,” and this is especially true when it comes to mothers.

Personally, looking back I can’t believe how many times I took my mom for granted.

When I was younger, it felt like she would always be there. Unfortunately, no one lives forever, not even the super hero that is your mother. I will never forget the day I was forced to say goodbye to her; it was the toughest thing I have ever done.

Losing your mom comes with an immeasurable sense of loss. It’s hard to navigate your live without the love, guidance and support that only a mother can give.

It’s the little reminders that, for me, are the hardest: the meals they prepared, the comforting words, the stories they read that serve as an everyday reminder of the love that is now gone. Holidays were some of the most difficult terrain to navigate after the death of my mom. Even though it’s been years since I last saw her smile, it never gets easier to celebrate without her.

But I still remember what my mom used to tell me: ”Just because someone isn’t around physically doesn’t mean they aren’t in your heart, and sometimes that’s just as important.”

And I know that my mom is watching over me and my family from her place in heaven.

Even today, I hear the voice of my beloved mother. She gives me practical advice, she praises me and sometimes she even scolds me when I do something stupid …

So, to my mom in heaven, thank you for loving me and helping me. I miss you so much. You are always in my heart. Thank you for always being there for me my brothers too! You were such a wonderful mom and I didn’t tell you often enough. Thanks for all you have given us and all you sacrificed.

Many of you who read this might still be lucky enough to have your mother alive. But when was the last time you saw her?

If you have to think about the answer to that question then invite her over for dinner or go and see her. Schedule a date with your mom today — hang out and make sure to laugh! You only have one mom, and when she’s gone you’ll wish you’d never said an ugly word to her in your whole life. Tell your mom you love her. Seek her advice and wisdom. Don’t take these moments for granted.

We should all thank our moms each and every day, even if it’s in the smallest ways; a call just to say hello, a card or note just because. Give her something as insignificant as a flower, something that will let her know that she’s loved and appreciated. And don’t forget: Spending time with loved ones often leads to laughter, and laughing is a powerful cure against failing health.

On days when i miss my Mom the most, I touch my hand to my heart and remind myself that she is always with me, even if I can’t see her.

This is a poem in memory of all those moms who are no longer here physically, but will always be kept alive in spirit.

May you, too, find comfort in these words. God bless.

Once upon a time an angel held my hand,

She wiped away my tears and helped me understand.

Our time on earth is brief, there’s lessons to be learned,

Each precious day God gives us another page to turn.

Every chapter full of memories, times of joy and tears,

Triumphs and defeats, through every passing year.

She loved us unconditionally, always by our side,

When no one else would listen, in her we could confide.

With gentle words of wisdom she led us on our way,

Down the paths of righteousness if ever we did stray.

She saw the light in everyone and gave with no regrets,

Always from her heart let’s not forget.

Angels come in many forms, for me it is my mother,

With love I cannot say in words there’ll never be another.

Every day I turn the page in my heart will ever remain,

Everything she taught me as I stroll down memory lane.

Thank you God for giving me the most priceless of all treasures,

Help my Lord to keep alive her memory here forever.

I pray that I can some day be everything she hoped I would,

That she’s smiling down from heaven knowing she did good.

As we gather here today there’s no ending to her story,

Another chapter has begun full of grace and glory.

God’s called her to his heavenly home, part of his great plan,

Although it may be hard, we all must understand.

Faith is what is hoped for, things we cannot see,

Heaven is promised to all of us if only we believe.

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