Van Dyke shares how he’s managed to stay so youthful at 97

D van Dyke still has all that energy and sparkle at 97!

The Hollywood icon surprised people with his participation and appearance on Fox Entertainment’s popular guessing game show, The Masked Singer. In their ninth season, the show promised to go big this time, and van Dyke’s performance showed that.


Celebrity judges Ken Jeong and Nicole Nicole Scherzinger were in awe that they had a legend in their midst.

Nicole even cried because she loved D van Dyke so much, especially in his role as Bert in Mary Poppins.

She described D as “our childhood,” and she’s right.

Those who grew up with Mary Poppins are familiar with D role as Bert.

He played alongside Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins) as her best friend. D portrayed that role with a lot of passion.

He was funny and energetic, and nobody could have done it better.

Over five decades since his iconic role, how could D van Dyke still be so active?

His answer: his wife.


D met Arlene Silver during the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2006, although his first attraction to her didn’t develop until 2010, a year after his long-time partner died of lung cancer.

Since then, Arlene has been visiting D to ensure he is okay, and that’s when he fell in love with her – in his words, “pretty hard.”

They married in 2012 in Malibu.
This marriage shocked most people, especially since they were 46 years apart and he was twice her age at that time.

However, D never saw that as a problem. He said in an interview with Huff Post:

“She is just an absolute angel. She sings and dances, so there’s a lot of that going around the house. She’s a great cook. And the age difference hasn’t been a problem at all. Emotionally I’m about 13. She’s very, very wise for her age, so I’m just having the time of my life,” he said.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, he credited his wife for staying youthful.

D said that Arlene takes good care of him, keeps him active, and resonates a positive attitude.

This gave him the vigor to still work out, stay healthy and fit, and still do the things he loves – just like his appearance on The Masked Singer.


When sharing his secret for staying young, he said:

“Having a beautiful young wife half my age to take care of me — that works! My positive attitude, I get that from my wife.”

Dear ol’ Bert never lost his zest for life, thanks to Arlene!

In addition to giving credit to “good genes,” he also told Yahoo Entertainment:

“I still go to the gym three days a week and work out. And I advise everybody to do that, because that’s what ages people — it’s just a stiffening up and not exercising their muscles and their lungs. Exercise is the answer.”

The couple did an excellent cover of Doris Day’s “Everybody Loves a Lover” with Arlene’s band called Arlene and the Vantastix.

The band is composed of Doris Day’s husband, Eric Bradley, Bryan Chadima, and Mike Mendyke, featuring a trumpet solo by Tony Guerrero.

It was directed and edited by Arlene herself, and it shows the couple’s bond strengthened over the years.

D still had the same sparkle in that video as he once had in Mary Poppins.

The couple has this shared attitude of positivity and light, and their mutual love for singing and dancing made each day with each other such a delight.

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